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7 Cudów Świata: Pojedynek

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  • Players: 2 - 2
  • Age Level: 10+
  • Play time: 30min to 1h

Great, two-player version of the cult game "7 Wonders of the World" Lead your civilization to greatness by caring for its military and scientific development, and by constructing amazing Buildings and Wonders. 7 Wo ...

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  • Min. Number of Players:2
  • Max. Number of Players:2
  • Theme:Ancient, Mythology
  • Type of player:For beginners, For couples, For gamers
  • Age Level:10+
  • Mechanics:Draft, Card drafting
  • Game Type:Economy, Strategy, Card games
  • Brand:Rebel
  • Brand:Rebel
  • Play time:30min to 1h
Product description

Product description

Great, two-player version of the cult game "7 Wonders of the World"

Lead your civilization to greatness by caring for its military and scientific development, and by constructing amazing Buildings and Wonders.

7 Wonders of the World: Duel is a game for 2 players that uses some of the main principles of the bestseller 7 Wonders of the World, but also offers new challenges specially tailored for a two-player game.

There are 3 ways to win in this game:

  • military domination,
  • scientific dominance
  • civil victory.

The game introduces an innovative method of drawing cards, before the game - we place them according to the given pattern, and we are allowed to choose only those that are not covered by other cards. Choosing one of them, we discover others, making them available to my opponent, which leads to difficult choices and dilemmas during the game.

Players will compete against each other for cards of various buildings, trying to block their opponent's availability and choosing the ones that will give them the greatest benefit.

  • When gaining red cards, the players "push" the conflict marker towards their opponent, and when he reaches his capital city they immediately win the game. Along the way, they gain tokens, which additionally slow down the opponent by taking their coins,
  • Green science cards obtained during the game allow us to buy development tokens, thanks to which we significantly increase the advantage over our opponent,
  • Thanks to yellow, trade cards, we will receive more coins, which are a very valuable in-game currency that greatly supports the acquisition of resources,
  • Blue cards, culture cards, will give us a clear shot of victory points,
  • Playing all cards will depend on having the right combination of brown and gray cards in your city to supply the necessary resources for its expansion,
  • If everything goes according to our plan, at the end of the game in the third era we will also be able to get guild cards, purple, thanks to which we will be able to summarize our achievements by scoring points for a specific branch of development, crowning the construction of our city.

That's not all, because each player also starts the game with 4 wonders of the world (selected from 12 available), each of them has different skills and helps to develop in a specific field. They can be built during the game and receive privileges, but of the 8 wonders in the game, only 7 will be built. So hurry up to run your opponent.

7 Wonders of the World: Duel is a two-player game with simple mechanics that offers players many interesting choices, while having several paths to victory.

The game received a Golden Geek Award as winner in the "two player game" and "card game" categories. It also came third in the "Game of the Year" category and second in the "Strategy Game" category.

The game received the "Gra Boardszowa - Graczy 2015" award as a result of voting by players on the GameTroll TV channel.

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More information


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