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      • Join a cooperative experience like none you have seen before. A Way Out, developed by the Hazelight Studios led by a film director Josef Fares, is a story of two men who escaped from prison and need to stay together to fulfil their motivations

        Unforgettable cooperative gameplay of A Way Out

        Hazelight's game is exclusively two-player co-op. Each player takes control over one of two clearly defined, fully-realised characters Leo and Vincent. Play through the story in carefully directed split-screen, changing display proportions depending on whose part is more essential to the scene.

        Scene-defining decisions

        At its essence A Way Out is a game of decisions and communication. Each scene is filled with opportunities either Leo or Vincent can exploit to shift the odds in their favour, and at numerous times you and your co-player will need to agree on the course of action before progressing.Whether locally or online, A Way Out puts emphasis on communication. Can you reach a compromise satisfying to both of you and push the two escaped convicts through another part of their journey? Your cooperation has direct impact on the event unfolding in the game. What will your choices be, then?

        Controls and animations tailor made for each scene

        In the vein of the Telltale Games' productions and Dontnod's Life is Strange, A Way Out has deeply contextualised control scheme, making each interaction meaningful and given a full motion capture treatment to make it as believable as possible.Take your pick of gameplay-affecting actions which may help you escape of execute a perfect robbery, and actions giving more flavour and character to the two protagonists, providing insight into their personalities and interests. All actions are meaningful, even the smallest ones.

        A Way out story

        The story of A Way Out begins in the USA in the 1970s, when a man called Vincent is thrown in prison where a younger Leo is already an unsatisfied resident. The two discover a common motivation and escape together, which is only the beginning of a long and perilous trip across America.Two men contrast significantly: Leo is a hothead and more spontaneous, while Vincent is older and more eager to talk his way out.Which one of them will be your preferred pick for the game? Each offers a different set of choices and interactions, fully reflecting their personalities.

        No recycling

        A Way Out doesn't cut corners. Each scene and each sequence is unique, complete with unique animations made specifically for it, unused anywhere else. Don't expect repetitive and familiar sections reoccurring during the game, it's not that kind of experience.No canned animations, no generic interactions. Every step of A Way Out is unique.

        Key features:

        A Way Out is a unique cooperative experience developed by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Join forces with a friend and control Leo and Vincent on their way to freedom in a permanent splitscreen, whether you play locally or online.

        A Way Out features

        • Exclusively cooperative - A Way Out is designed specifically for two players. Not one, not four. Two. And makes it worth the hassle
        • Dynamic splitscreen - A Way Out is played with splitscreen, with the proportions changing, to reflect a character’s importance for a given scene
        • USA of the 1970s - sideburns, diners, believable prison breaks, cool cars, all of that and more comes your way in A Way Out
        • Multiple outcomes - every scene can play out in different ways depending on the interactions you initiate and the way you resolve them
        • Two perspectives - Leo and Vincent are more than just empty puppets. With different motivations and aptitudes each of them has his own idea how to proceed. Can you agree with your co-op partner who should take the lead?

        Release Date: 2018-03-23

      • German
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 18

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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