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    Artifact is a DCCG - digital collectible card game developed and published by Valve Corporation in November 2018 for various PC and mobile phone operating systems. The game is based on the universe presented in multiplay ...

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    • Artifact is a DCCG - digital collectible card game developed and published by Valve Corporation in November 2018 for various PC and mobile phone operating systems. The game is based on the universe presented in multiplayer online battle game Defenders of The Realm 2, better known as DOTA 2, and includes game mechanics based on that title. The gameplay consists of collecting decks of cards and facing other players in PvP modes. The cards for Artifact were designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of the popular Magic The Gathering card game.

      Gameplay and card types

      The main feature of Artifact’s gameplay is deck building. Players create their set of cards by purchasing individual units or buying them in packs. When their deck is ready, players set off to face their enemies on the game board. Because Artifact draws so many inspirations from other Valve’s game, DOTA 2, it differs greatly from other collectible card game on the market. One major difference is the fact that the player face each other on the board divided into lanes. Each lane serves as an independent board and has a tower at its end. The player who destroys two enemy towers or the structure called “The Ancient”, which appears after one tower is brought down, is declared the victor of the match.

      Artifact (PC) includes almost 300 cards for players to use. The decks available to the player during matches consist of no less than 40 cards. The cards can be distinguished by two factors, rarity and color theme. Rarity can be further divided into common, uncommon, and rare. The color of the card decides on the special ability that can be used with it: black cards like the assassins, can be used to kill enemy players hero cards and gain gold for early advantage; red cards include tough units with high statistics, which can be used to destroy enemy units quickly; green set supports the units on the board and can be used to summon beasts; blue colored cards can use powerful spells to lay waste across the entire lane.

      The types of cards include hero, item, spell, creature and improvement cards. Hero cards are the strongest in player’s deck and can be equipped with items. Item cards, purchasable with collected gold, can be equipped on a hero or consumed. Equippable item cards are divided into weapons, armors, and accessories, each of the three providing different boosts. Consumable items grant one-off perks such as healing or giving an additional draw. Spell cards, as the name suggests, can be used to cast spells during the match. Creeps, or creature cards, are all the non-hero units in the deck. Improvement cards act across three lanes and provide various effects to the field of play.


      The game received quite a positive player and critics reviews. Artifact was praised for its innovative approach to the digital collectible card game genre and the interesting cards. Gamers and card game lovers also liked the design of the game and mechanics inspired by DOTA 2.

      Key features

      • Gameplay mechanics inspired by DOTA 2
      • Cards designed by Richard Garfield, of Magic The Gathering fame
      • 300 cards of a varying rarity to use in decks
      • Different types of cards providing different abilities to use in the game
      • Multiplayer matches against friends online

      Release Date: 2018-11-28

    • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Artifact Steam Gift GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Artifact Steam Gift GLOBAL may change over time.
    • English
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