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      78.47 USD
Product description

Product description

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud - is a free-to-play 3D multiplayer space-strategy game, with combat management in real time.

The game was developed on the Unity 3D engine for single-server web browsers, PC/MAC/LINUX, Steam iOS and Android, and built on a proprietary custom-designed Cloud technology. This allows players access to an unlimited game universe.

Player bases are located on asteroids, which travel within the Oort Cloud. Once they’ve acquired the appropriate skills, players can control their asteroid’s movements.

Each player begins the game as an Astro Lord on their asteroid base. This base enables players to extract minerals and build factories, which will be used to produce ammunition and spare parts for their space ships. This base is the player’s primary stronghold: other Lords can raid it, but they won‘t be able to capture it. Players can also capture up to five additional asteroids, which will be used to extract minerals. But beware: the player will have to remain on the alert to keep other Lords from recapturing the asteroids.

Mass-combat enthusiasts will love the Arena: here, players can battle it out against alien races (AI) or other Astro Lord players. Those battles take place in real-time, which allows players to actively take part in the game instead of just having to wait for the completion of their building projects.

You will experience complete freedom of action and social interaction.

Become a worthy Astro Lord!

Key features

This package will improve your survivability in the battle to maximum level. 

All runes in this package act 2 days!

Enabling "Unlimited health" can give you seamlessly get to any opponent, even the boss, "Dispel" frees you from the freezing or the pull of a black hole, "Healer drone" shoot healing beamand restore damage of your ship and "Shield healing drone" swill renew your shield.

In addition, the package includes artifacts "Cooling System", which add strength to your ship. 

It is worth noting that the package includes three ANT runes that will make heavy-duty your drones. 

Since different types of runes, it is possible to apply it on a ship simultaneously, which considerably increases the effect.

Officer 1st rank besides the fact that it will add a shield, and the strength of the reserve still has the unique property of reducing the damage to your ship, thus reducing consumption of Minibots.

DLC "Die hard" includes:


  • Bronze Cooling System: Ship's toughness in battle +10%
  • Reserve of minibots aboard ship +5%
  • Silver Cooling System: Ship's toughness in battle +20%
  • Reserve of minibots aboard ship +10%


  • Richard Hanley, 2nd rank: Ship's shield +15%
  • Reserve of minibots aboard ship +10%
  • Ship's toughness in battle +10%
  • Richard Hanley, 1st rank: Ship's shield +20%
  • Reserve of minibots aboard ship +20%
  • Ship's toughness in battle +20%
  • Damage resistance of the hull -5%


  • ANT bronze: Toughness of Drones in battle +30%
  • ANT silver: Toughness of Drones in battle +60%
  • ANT gold: Toughness of Drones in battle +120%


  • Unlimited health - 50 pcs;
  • Shield healing drone - 50 pcs;
  • Healer drone - 50 pcs;
  • Dispel - 50 pcs;


German, French, Russian, English

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In order to activate the Bonus Item Pack you need to have an Astro Lords account, which can be created HERE  . After the registration and logging in enter the game and open Services on the top panel. Than paste the promo code in special field. After that all staff will appear in the game.