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Join U.S Forces and British SAS and help to maintain global peace. Use modern weapons and equipment to stop Middle Eastern extremists and Russian ultranationalists from igniting another world war.

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Product description

Product description

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and released in November 2007 by Activision. The game is a fourth installment in the Call of Duty series and now takes players to the modern times as opposed to its predecessors that were focused on the Second World War. During a single-player campaign, players will assume the role of six different soldiers fighting in various locations across the globe against threats coming from Russian ultranationalists and extremists from the Middle East.


Modern Warfare 4 is set in 2011 and takes place during two major events – a civil war in Russia and seizing power by extremists led by Khaled Al-Asad somewhere in the Middle East. During the campaign you will be able to control several different soldiers representing U.S. Forces and British SAS, allowing you to experience the conflicts from different perspectives. The ultimate goal is to stop Russian ultranationalists and Middle Eastern extremists from threatening global peace and maintain international security.

Gameplay and Game Modes

CoD 4 Modern Warfare is an FPS game, and as such, players will spend most of their time shooting realistic modern weapons while running, crouching, and being in a prone position. Players may hide behind cover to avoid enemy fire and increase their own survivability. When the player is critically injured he may fall back to automatically regenerate – there are no medkits or other similar items.

The game can be played in single-player mode, but may also be played in online multiplayer that comes with its own unique features, such as gear customization and leveling system. The latter allows players to unlock additional weapons, attachments, and camouflage options to use during online matches.


Call of Duty 4 for PC received favorable reviews particularly for its gameplay and the story, but reviewers also appreciated the game’s attention to detail and its amazing graphics. The realistic weaponry didn’t go unnoticed as well, just as the progression-based multiplayer mode with tons of unlockables that allowed players to enjoy the title even after finishing the whole single-player campaign.

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Release date: 2007-11-12
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