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    When a video game turns out great, one might wonder how to make it last longer. That's what DLCs are for! Many popular titles launch additional content before or after the video game release to expand the gameplay experience with new features. This broad term includes cosmetic accessories, unique items, new gameplay mechanics, mounts, skins, storylines, locations, and characters. There's no better way to make your game even more engaging!

    What is DLC in video games?

    DLC (expansions) is digital downloadable content released by the publisher of the chosen title - downloadable content meaning something you can play if you own the base game. Except for titles like Don't Starve Together, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, or XCOM: Enemy Within, which are standalone DLC titles. Expansions are unnecessary for enjoying the base game - but they can enhance the gameplay experience by adding new features. There are free and paid ones, but most often, their fundamental goal is to keep players interested in the game longer while earning more revenue.

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    What are the categories of game DLCs?

    While browsing your favorite gaming platforms, you've probably encountered story and cosmetic expansions. The former means enriching the game's lore with new plots, unique locations, mighty enemies, and sometimes gameplay mechanics. History knows the cases of many fantastic story DLCs, like Bloodborne - The Old Hunters, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine, or The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion - The Shivering Isles. These are entirely new adventures set at various points of the base game, sometimes providing an alternative ending.

    Cosmetic expansions offer visual extras. Most often, without impacting the character's level or progress in the game - their main goal is to make the entire experience more personal. Players can feel more powerful on the battlefield by purchasing various skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And beautiful furniture sets make The Sims 4 experience more inspiring.

    What is the point of releasing downloadable content?

    You're probably wondering why additional content isn't already a part of your favorite game. The reasons may vary depending on its development process. Some publishers want to keep players interested by releasing DLC sometime after the base game launch. Others consider fan suggestions to develop the title and ultimately include the desired content in a separate update. The DLC strategy often meets with fierce criticism if the fanbase believes the publisher of their favorite title releases many uninteresting expansions at too high a price.

    Can I get it cheaper?

    Hunting for various deals on your favorite marketplace is a fun alternative to purchasing DLC directly from the publisher or on the platform. Both games and expansions are available from trusted sellers as cheap DLC keys that, after purchase, can be redeemed on dedicated platforms like Steam, Origin, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, and more. Just purchase the key, receive the code via e-mail, enter it in the appropriate place in your destination, and confirm you want to get the game. All ready! This way, you can save some cash and spend it on something else - maybe another DLC?

    Fun recommendations right now

    The best expansion packs are a guarantee of great fun. So, if you don't know what you're looking for, consider these recommendations. A base game is as good as its extra content!

    • Dark Souls - Artorias of the Abyss - Defeat three new bosses exploring unimaginably dark locations in 3 to 10 extra hours of this challenging adventure. An excellent choice for anyone who can't imagine life without additional Dark Souls content!
    • Horizon Forbidden West - Burning Shores - Play as Aloy to discover the direct continuation of her heroic adventures in the devastated Los Angeles. Prepare for more deadly machines, ancient secrets, and fun exploration on PS5.
    • The Last of Us - Left Behind - This story expansion reveals the past of Ellie - the main character of the acclaimed post-apocalyptic game from Naughty Dog and the successful TV series of the same name. If you're starving for more precise details about the story, consider playing this DLC.
    • Fallout 3 - Broken Steel - Unlike the other two expansions, this one continues the base game plot. That means more Brotherhood of Steel, new storylines, and more of Washington's unforgiving wasteland.
    • Dishonored - The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches - Fancy additional time in the dangerous world of Dishonored? This time, from the point of view of our favorite arch-enemy!
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