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    Celeste (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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      • Help Celeste with climbing to the top

        Madeline is a pretty little girl who lives in a colorful, fantasy world. However, our little heroine is hunted by inner demons. In order to fight with them, she decided to climb on the peak of the mountain known as Celeste.

        A beautiful symphony is waiting for you

        The very first thing which is going to fondle your senses is the soundtrack. Each area of the game has its own music composed by Lena Raine. Each sound means something. You're going to feel peace, danger, sense of dread, sadness, happiness. The music is the element of game which is working with you. Allow yourself to be taken by it, straight into magic world of the Celeste mountain.

        Over 700 hundred areas are waiting for you

        The Celeste gameplay offers you over 700 different areas to explore and test your skills. Remember though, that most of them are going to be a real exam. With a little bit of training and fast fingers, you will be able to handle this. The reward is waiting for you at the top of Celeste mountain. Keep going Madeline, take a deep breath. You are able to do this. We know you are.

        The Celeste gameplay is simple to learn yet demanding on harder levels

        The Celeste starts somehow easy, giving you all the time it requires to learn all skills you might need. Then the level of difficulty is going to rise slowly, yet constantly. Luckily, the system of checkpoints was designed in a way which is not harmful. Yeah, dying might be problematic, but you are not going to be forced to repeat more than a few seconds of the level. The Celeste mountain is scary, yet fair. Each death is going to be a lesson for you. Each area brings you closer to the top. Madeline is counting on you and your skills. Take a deep breath and jump through this gap once again. This time you are going to prevail.

        The B site is waiting for mountain conquerors

        Congratulations, you were able to climb on the top of Celeste. You're awesome! However, there is another challenge waiting for you. The other side of the mountain. Far more dangerous and demanding than basic levels. Only masters of the Celeste mountain will be able to handle this. It equals with many additional hours of gameplay. Are you ready, to climb on Celeste once again? Madeline is waiting for you.

        Key features:

        • Over 700 different areas to explore. They are going to put your platforming skills to test.
        • A really hard additional level known as site B. Here, the skills of best Celeste players are going to be checked.
        • A beautiful soundtrack which was one of the finalists of IGF "Excellence in Audio" competition. The soundtrack is going to steal your soul and fondle your senses. Each piece of it has a meaning.
        • Simple to learn, yet hard to master gameplay.

        Release Date: 2018-01-25

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Celeste (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Celeste (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • Portugese-Brasil
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Everyone 10+
        PEGI 7

        Content descriptors:

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