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State of Decay 2 XBOX LIVE Key + Windows 10 GLOBAL

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State of Decay 2 is a complex and engaging apocalypse survival sim, pitting your instincts and management skills against dwindling resources and endless swarms of ravenous undead.Can you handle the stress of managing an impromptu base and keeping it supplied enough to keep everyone alive? You can find out with State of Decay II.

Multiple characters to manage

Unlike the first game, State of Decay 2 doesn't provide you with a single protagonist. instead, you will test your wit by switching between procedurally generated survivors, each with different traits, talents, and appearance. Let your gardeners work on the vegetable patch to keep your community fed, send your ex-stunt coordinators to fight zombies which have broken through the barricades. How you manage your team is the difference between life and permadeath.

Endless challenge

The longer you play, the more you learn about how the world works, and the larger number of things can go wrong. Or right. No two playthroughs of State of Decay 2 are the same, and no two survivors are identical, so you can keep playing until your fingers bleed: there will never be a shortage of new crises and unique challenges to overcome.How long can you last before the shortages and zombie sieges get the better of you?

Seamless online co-op of State of Decay 2

If the challenges ahead of you seem too difficult to overcome, call on your friends. State of Decay 2 features an easy drop-in/drop-out cooperative mode for up for four players. Just be careful: permadeath doesn't discriminate, so every character that dies in co-op is dead also in its game of origin. It's all about high stakes and consequences.If nobody you know plays SoD2, send a flare calling for help from other people, or respond to their own calls for assistance. Can you find it in yourself to invite strangers to your game, or risk your own characters dying to help someone?

Evolved base-building

Managing the talents and quirks of your disjointed team of survivors isn't the only things you need to do between risky ventures into the zombie-ridden unknown. Your base of operations needs to grow and sustain itself against the unfavourable situation and you need to make sure there are supplies and direction for its growth.State of Decay 2 gameplay will have you manage grain and seed to make proper use of the small plots of land in your base where anything can grow, build and upgrade facilities as the demands of your community grow and the zombies grow more and more ferocious. Venture beyond the walls to scavenge, or send your people on their own missions, if you can bear the thought of leaving them to their own devices.

Key features

State of Decay 2 is a third-person perspective zombie survival game. It puts the emphasis on managing a base of operations and a group of procedurally generated survivors, each with their own talents and complications. With permadeath and endless dangers, State of Decay 2 will put your skills to the test.

State of Decay 2 features

  • Permadeath - State of Decay 2 doesn't hold your hand: once a character dies, they stay dead, and you can only hope you won't see them later as a shambling corpse
  • 3 large maps - in SoD2 you find yourself on one of three map, each of them larger than the entirety of the first State of Decay
  • Four-player co-op - if the threats of the zombie-infested land are too much, call on up to three other players to help you, or go out helping people yourself
  • Virtually endless combinations of survivor traits - drawn for 1000 of possible features, each survivor is a unique combinations of abilities and physical traits
  • Multiple types of zombies - from hulking behemoths called the juggernauts, to screamers alerting nearby hordes of your presence, each type of undead is a different challenge



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