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      • Deep Rock Galactic is the original first-person shooter developed by the Danish studio Ghost Ship Games. Players take on the role of spaces dwarves working to extract raw materials from the most dangerous caves, where even the bravest daredevils cannot venture.


        In Deep Rock Galactic players take on the role of spaces astronauts in the services of the title corporation, specializing in extracting resources from foreign planets. Their next target is Hoxxes IV, famous as much for the richest deposits in the Rigel VII galaxy as for extremely dangerous aliens.

        Deep Rock Galactic


        Deep Rock Galactic focuses on a co-op mode for up to four players. There are four different classes to choose from, each specializing in different types of services: drilling rocks (Driller), terrain reconnaissance (Scout), team support (Engineer), and fighting hordes of aliens (Gunner). A team of four, made up of player-led characters (or, in their absence, artificial intelligence) traverses the procedurally generated levels in search of valuable resources. Mining and exploration are based on an extensive system of environmental destruction, reminiscent of the popular Minecraft, and allowing for almost unlimited destruction of locations. Each player can use a diverse arsenal, including pistols, miniguns, flamethrowers, and reliable pickaxes, also used for collecting raw materials. There is also plenty of equipment to help you explore, including flares illuminating the darkness of the caves, lines that allow you to get to inaccessible places, and launchers that create platforms. The key to success is teamwork between the players, necessary both while traversing the location and in the fight against successive waves of aggressive creatures. Do not hesitate and get this galactic game now.

        Deep Rock Galactic

        Cooperate to victory!

        Aliens come in many varieties and can make life difficult in many ways, be it by limiting our visibility with cobwebs or by spraying poisonous fumes after death. As we can only replenish ammunition in rarely dropped supply stations, and aliens tend to appear in large groups, caution and teamwork are necessary to complete the mission. As befits an online shooter, Deep Rock Galactic offers a rank system that imitates the corporate ladder. The game evaluates the achievements of players, taking into account the resources collected, the number of killed enemies, and - of course - whether the character survived the mission.

        Technical aspects

        Deep Rock Galactic for the PC and XONE platform is based on the Unreal Engine 4, thanks to which it offers high-quality visuals. The game uses an original graphic style based on clearly visible polygons, complemented by atmospheric sound.

        Deep Rock Galactic


        The game received many positive reviews from the players and critics already in Early Access. They admired the game atmosphere and challenging levels, and some of them compared Deep Rock Galactic to Minecraft or Left 4 Dead.

        Key features

        • Cooperate with your friends to find wonderful treasures.
        • Face huge waves of monsters and defeat them to victory.
        • Four different classes, each with various tools that help you during the exploration.
        • Complete dozens of challenging levels that will test both your individual and cooperative skills.
        • Enjoy wonderful graphic design based on the popular Unreal Engine 4.

        Release Date: 2018-02-28

        Early Access: Yes

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Deep Rock Galactic (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Deep Rock Galactic (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • English
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 16

        Content descriptors:

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