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Diploma in Customer Service Alison Course GLOBAL - Parchment Diploma

In any business dealing with clients, customer service is a vital aspect of existence. With current widespread of social media and communications channels, customers are quick to voice their opinions that might be furthe ...

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Product description

Product description

In any business dealing with clients, customer service is a vital aspect of existence. With current widespread of social media and communications channels, customers are quick to voice their opinions that might be further shared by thousands of others. As a result, the enterprise’s reputation is at risk, whenever the bad opinion is shared online. Outstanding and fully professional customer service is the only way to save businesses from losing trust of their customers. Our free of charge customer service training introduces the participants to basic principles of customer service and show them how to apply these rules in any company or institution to develop and achieve an excellent customer service program or take the existing one to a better level. Creation of strong and permanent relations with customers will be discussed in the course, together wit practical ways on holding on to the most valuable clients, that may aid repeating sell of products, goods or getting transactions. The course also will teach you how to meet your clients’ requirements and exceed their needs, that they might not even be yet aware of. Problem solving and customers’ satisfaction from the services will also be discussed.

What Will I Learn?

The main goals of the course are to help you understand the importance of the customer service and to develop positive attitude, professional skills needed to become a customer service specialist. You will learn how to communicate in an effective manner, implement the highest customer service standards, create a memorable customer service experience, use techniques and methods of communication and contact with clients, monitor the standards of customer service and interact in engaging and positive manner with clients. You will also be able to identify external and internal customers, address their needs, recover from difficult cases and identify instances when escalation is required. You will be shown how to obtain useful feedback from customers. Additionally, you will learn about the role of customer service in various sectors, like retail, public or hospitality one, and how to implement the efficient customer service program in each of these industries. The course is applicable for all kinds of customer service: in person, over the phone and electronic. After completion of the course, you will gain knowledge on how to apply the best customer service policy in your organization or how to take the existing one to the advanced level. The course has a certification program. If you pass each assessment and the final test with the minimal score of 80%, you are entitled to receive a diploma.

Who is the target audience?

Our free, online customer service course is aimed at professionals dealing with or willing to pursue a career in customer service field. It will also be perfect for managers in organizations that handle transactions with customers and entrepreneurs or business owners who wish to know the basic of customer service in order to implement the standards in their company. The course will be highly useful for employees of hospitality, retail industries and public sector, who would like to provide more friendly and efficient customer services and communicate smoothly with their clients. Anyone interested in obtaining or improving his customers service skills is invited to launch the course.


No requirements are needed to start the course. A general interest in customer service will be useful, as well as readiness to learn new skills and implement them in practice.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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