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Diploma in Human Resources - Revised 2017 Alison Course GLOBAL - Parchment Diploma

Human resources department is often considered as the core of an organization or company. Having an efficient and communicative HR manager with excellent research skills can be an asset that will distance the enterprise ...

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Product description

Product description

Human resources department is often considered as the core of an organization or company. Having an efficient and communicative HR manager with excellent research skills can be an asset that will distance the enterprise from the competitors. HR manager is not only responsible for hiring the right people, but also for maintaining and coordinating relations on the line of the employees and the managements of an organization. He ensures employees are satisfied from their job, have work-life balance, conditions they operate in are safe and their health and professional happiness are maintained. This course will identify the role of an human resources manager, his tasks and main responsibilities. After this introduction participants will be familiarized with recruitment of employees, business culture and work ethics, management of the employees and change within an organization. Valuable insights into modern human resources management will make participants look at this topic in different manner and start considering it as one of the most important processes handled in each organization on an ongoing basis. This human resource certification online course has been revised as per 2017 year standards. It is free of charge and conducted online with certification process.

What Will I Learn?

Firstly, the course will introduce you to the importance of the human resources management. Roles and responsibilities of an HR manager will be discussed, as well as prospect of choosing an HR external consultant instead of internal managers and benefits of this solution. The second module will get into the topics of employees’ recruitment process. Recruitment is the first step in hiring, followed by selection of candidates and conducting proper interview. Techniques for jobs interviews will be taught. This part ends with training and appraisal methods. Then the course focuses on business culture and business ethics, whose a good HR manager should be a guardian of. Finally, motivation of employees, relations between them and methods of getting and giving feedback will be described. The course will end in guidelines on handling change – how to inform an employee of termination of the contract, what the exit interview should look like and what next steps to advise to a leaving employee. To sum up, after completing the course, you will gain knowledge on outlining the key role and tasks of an HR manager, explaining how the recruitment process looks like, explaining the selection of candidates and their appraisal, discussing business culture and ethics and its role in an organization, explaining how to manage employees and handle change within a company. The course has assessments after each part and the final test, passing all of them with minimum 80% score results in getting a diploma in human resources.

Who is the target audience?

Our human resources online course will be useful for all professionals engaged currently in HR operations, as well for those planning to pursue such career path. Additionally, students of management related studies and employees who wish to understand the nature of HR and their relations with managers of the organization can find this course interesting.


General interest in human resources is required, but no prior specific knowledge or experience in such matter is necessary to launch the course. The training covers basic elements of HR and can be comprehend even by those unfamiliar closer with the topic.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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