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Our diploma in psychology online course may be an introduction to the world of psychology which is intriguing science whose goal is studying minds, feelings, behavior, thoughts of humans. Psychology looks to understand, ...

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Product description

Product description

Our diploma in psychology online course may be an introduction to the world of psychology which is intriguing science whose goal is studying minds, feelings, behavior, thoughts of humans. Psychology looks to understand, by analyzing, how we think and behave, what do we feel in specifics situation. Thinking covers both conscious and unconscious level. Psychologists base their works on analyses, researches, experiments made on a given group of people. They observe human behavior and try to realize what causes it. They explore human’ perceptions, mental processes, motivations, emotions, or characteristics and base on that they formulate general theories, principles applicable to the whole human race. Putting it shortly: psychologists state general truths after researching specific cases of participants of so-called controlled experiments, under which they are randomly allocated for intervention. Introduction to psychology online course touches core topics in this science with the goal to provide participants with solid theoretical groundings and good framework to further explore psychology, whether as private interest, as professional or a student. The course is free and run entirely on the Internet.

What Will I Learn?

Our psychology course’s subjects include modules such as: behavior and consciousness, learning and conditioning, memory, illusions, cognition and visual perceptions areas, as well as research methodology module, including the subject of research process conducted in psychology and the role of ethics in this science. That last part on research and ethics, will allow the participants to grow their own opinion on the psychology’s evolution and its place in scientific world. Our program focuses on classic and contemporary theories developed in psychology. On completion of the course you will gains skills like: discussing, defining the differences between operant and classical conditioning; identifying states of consciousness; explaining perception and visual sensory system; defining what is sleep research and other related terms; listing various factors that might affect sight while getting older; defining what is memory; discussing the vital role of research methodologies in psychology; defining how to refer to various sources in researches; describing the process of studying human behaviors conducted by psychologists; explaining phenomena, , empirical findings, concepts, historical trends, theories; demonstrating the ability to apply newly gained know-how on psychology principles to solve organizational, social or personal issues; understanding the usefulness of psychology in influencing human lives and making them better; thinking about one’s own behavior, personality, relationships by applying psychology’s observations rules and theories in real-life. After completing the course, the participants have the opportunity to get a diploma in psychology. All they need to do is pass each assessment and a final test with the minimum 80% score.

Who is the target audience?

Students of psychology or candidates for such studies will find this course useful for future references in their career path in psychology. It is also recommended to anybody planning to look for job opportunities in this field. Also those, who have are interested in psychology from personal point of view and would love to learn more on this intriguing science, are invited to launch this free online psychology course.


There are no skills or knowledge required to understand the content of the course. This is introduction to psychology online course perfect for completely beginners to that matter.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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