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Free online psychology course may serve as a perfect introduction to the complex and intriguing science that as its aim has studying human’s mind and behavior, feelings and thoughts. Psychology tries to understand and an ...

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Product description

Product description

Free online psychology course may serve as a perfect introduction to the complex and intriguing science that as its aim has studying human’s mind and behavior, feelings and thoughts. Psychology tries to understand and analyze how we behave and how we think consciously and how our minds function on unconscious level, what do we feel in certain situations etc. In order to achieve this, psychologists base their researches on experiments conducted on a given group of people. Observing their behavior and checking what causes it, exploring their mental processes, perceptions, emotions, motivations or personalities’ traits lead to them to come up with theories or general principles. It might be stated for general reference that they formulate general truths while researching cases of specific people randomly allocated for intervention under so-called controlled experiments. Introduction to psychology online course goes through core topics in this science with the aim to give participants better theoretical groundings and framework to further explore psychology as student or professional. The course is free and conducted online. It has been revised as of 2017 to better reflect modern psychology trends.

What Will I Learn?

This psychology course’s subjects include learning and conditioning, behavior and consciousness, memory, cognition, illusions and visual perceptions areas, as well as research methodology module, that touches the subject of research process conducted in psychology and ethics in this science, while allowing participants to develop their own opinion on those and the general nature of psychology as a branch of science and its evolution. The tutorial focuses both on classic psychology theories and contemporary ones. Upon completion of the course you will possess skills such as: discussing and defining the differences between operant, classical conditioning, identifying different states of consciousness, defining sleep research and related terms, describing perception and visual sensory system with its characteristic traits, listing various factors affecting sight while getting older, defining what is memory and related terms, discussing the importance of research methodologies in psychology, describing the process of studying human behaviors by psychologists, defining how to correctly refer to various sources, explaining phenomena, concepts, empirical findings, historical trends and theories in psychology, demonstrating the ability to apply newly perceived psychology principles to organizational, social or personal issues, understanding the usage of psychology in improving, influencing human life, considering one’s own behavior or personality, relation by applying critically thinking related to psychology principles and theories. Apart from gained skills and obtained knowledge, a real benefit of completing successfully the course, is the opportunity of purchasing a diploma in psychology. The course is considered completed successfully, when all the assessments are passed with minimum 80% score.

Who is the target audience?

Current or future students of psychology might find this course very useful. It is also recommended to those planning to pursues career related to psychology. Anyone who has developed an interest in psychology or is keen to find out more on this complex science, even for personal reference, can enroll to our online psychology course.


There are no requirements to launch the course. This is introduction to psychology online course aimed at beginners or new-comers to the psychology world.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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