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      • DiRT 4 (PC) is another entry into a hardcore rally games developed by genre veterans: Codemasters. DiRT 4 has enough modes, tracks and performance tweaking to satisfy any fan of racing games, hardcore and casual alike. The best features of all games in the DiRT series condensed into a one awesome rally game.

        DiRT 4

        Your Stage

        Never wait for new tracks again! Your Stage is a brand new mode introduced by DiRT 4, able to deliver you more tracks than you will ever be able to master. Pick a country from the list, set complexity and length, let the game process your requirements, and enjoy a unique track procedurally generated according to your demands. Potentially millions of one-of-a-kind tracks wait for you to discover them.And the best part? You can share them with others and see them crash on a course you have already mastered.

        Pick you own difficulty

        To provide you with the best DiRT 4 gameplay experience, the game has two main difficulty settings: Normal and Simulation, to help you decide how hard you want your game to be. You can also tweak the various assist systems to further modify the experience to suit your needs and skills.Play the game as hard or as impossible as you like it!

        DiRT 4

        A mode for everyone

        In DiRT 4 you will never lack for a new mode to check out. Even not counting the Normal and Simulation difficulties which already change the way you play, you have a variety of rally to enjoy. In addition to your traditional event you have Rally Cross with licensed circuits. There is Landrush, if you always found Destruction Derby too casual. Seek fame and fortune in the Career mode, or learn all the basic and advanced skills in DiRT Academy.There's something for everyone!

        Great for rally purists

        If you are a hardcore fan of rally games and know everything there is to know about racing, DiRT 4 is the perfect game for you. Iconic tracks, licensed cars, and enough things to tweak to provide long hours of careful fine-tuning your chosen vehicle's performance. On track you have the indispensable help from a pilot, doing what pilot do: helping you shave seconds off your time, instead of ending on a tree.

        No longer will you veer wildly off the road just because one tire touched some off-road surface. DiRT 4 tracks grip for every tire individually, and that's just the beginning. Be careful about the weather, too, because it could be as much of an obstacle as the track ahead of you.The difficulty is certain to make every mastered track an immensely satisfying experience.

        Release Date: 2017-06-09

      • German
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        ESRB Teen
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