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    Don't Starve Together (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

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      • Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer version of the critically acclaimed rogue-like game Don't Starve. Choose one of many bizarre characters and enter a hostile world, where cooperation with other players may drastically improve your chances of survival... or drastically reduce them, depending on the players' whim.

        Compelling audiovisual design

        Don't Starve Together keeps the core game's peculiar aesthetic. Beautiful, stylized hand-drawn paper-cutout-like animation is reminiscent of Tim Burton's works. Full of contrasts, with a strongly gothic atmosphere the visuals of Don't Starve Together perfectly capture the mood of a game set in a world where the arrival of darkness can kill you.

        Don't Starve with friends

        Meet with your friends over LAN or network, or via matchmaking and try surviving in a world full of bizarre monsters and deadly night. Gather materials and use them to build tool and structures, possibly building an enclave where everybody will be safe by the wispy fire. Or become another nightly terror, hunting other people, both in life and as a ghost after you die. Don't Starve Together never loses the horror atmosphere.

        Improve your odds with crafting system

        Don't Starve Together features dozens of crafting recipes, from tools to weapons and clothing, to items allowing you to create a safe place for you and your fellow players. The more elaborate the recipe, the further into the wilds for materials you will have to go, and the more dangerous the enemies to beat will become. So are you daring enough to go gathering resources to bolster your defenses?

        Manage your traits

        Health isn't the only thing you should keep your eye on. Your characters have the Hunger meter, as well as a Sanity meter, showcasing how much the hostile and bizarre world is getting to their minds. Careful management of each of the meters is essential to survival, and starvation is the least of your worries. In adverse weather conditions pay attention, or your character may overheat or freeze. In Don't Starve Together you don't need monsters to kill you, the world itself will do it for them if you are not careful.

        Over a dozen characters to choose from

        The too-inquisitive scientist with a spectacular beard-growing powers is just one of 15 playable characters with different approaches to survival. Among others there are Willow the spontaneous firestarter, WX-78- an automaton very responsive to water and lightning, and Woodie the lumberjack in plaid shirt. The cast of Don't Starve Together is as bizarre as the world they were thrown into. Find with friends which characters work best together.

        Don't Starve Together multiplayer modes

        Don't Stave Together PC offers three core multiplayer modes. Survival, treated as the default mode, requiring the characters to cooperate in order to survive. The Endless mode is a more peaceful experience, where characters can respawn, the world doesn't reset and the players do not have to cooperate. And the Wilderness is more similar to other multiplayer survival games. No resurrection, the map wipes on death and reality is brutal.
        Each mode can be further customized by the world's admin.

        Key features:

        Don't Starve Together is a standalone multiplayer version of the critically acclaimed Don't Starve. A gothic rogue-like set in a weird world infested with monsters and lethal Darkness, it will test your skill with ruthless hostility.

        Don't Starve Together features

        • 15 diverse characters - the playable cast of Don't Starve Together PC is composed of mimes, self-published authors, monkeys and other bizarre characters. Change a character, change your Don’t Starve Together gameplay experience

        • Randomly generated world - in a true rogue-like fashion the world of Don't Starve Together is randomly generated at the start of every new game. You and your friends will never find familiar places when you all die of starvation and have to restart

        • Gothic aesthetic - the style of Don't Starve Together is reminiscent of Tim Burton's works, with dark colors, stark contrasts and expressive depictions of characters

        • Multiplayer survival - Don't Starve Together is an experience you can share with friends, testing your cooperation skills against a growing threat from the inhabitants of the world and the weaknesses of human body and mind

        Other versions of Don't Starve Together

        This product is also available in the following versions. They are NOT included in this purchase.

        Release Date: 2016-04-21

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Don't Starve Together (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Don't Starve Together (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • English
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 12

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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