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      • A meteor ravaged the planet, but brought with it a unique source of power. ELEX is a game from developers of Gothic and Risen series, and hails back to the studios' glory days with a fresh setting, and massive playable world.You can join faction, learn the secrets of magic and technology, hunt monsters, and find a way to now break the world any more than it already is.

        The power

        The world of Magalan was developing nicely, until a sudden meteor strike brought everything to a halt. However, despite the obvious setback, the tribes of Magalan managed to make the better of it, thanks to the mysterious element which arrived with the calamity. It is rare, however, and closely guarded by those who have access to it. Elex has incredible power output, but it also influenced the minds and bodies of those who would use it, and only the stronger and most ingenious can handle it.

        The factions

        The eponymous resource allowed factions to diversify. The Berserkers harnessed it to fuel their magic, and have returned to the old ways of sword and spell. They commune with nature and do their best to revitalize the world. The Clerics use it to power their weaponry and incredible technology. Their fanatical devotion to god Calaan is one of their chief motivations, and they prohibit the consumption of Elex in any way. The Outlaws juice themselves up on Elex-based stimulants and use vicious improvised weaponry. Living on the permanent edge, they are a gang of wild cards.And then there are the Albs, a ruthlessly logical military power striving to drive every other faction into extinction, and being rather good at it. They use Elex to remove all emotions from their minds.You need to join one of them to fulfil your goals, whatever you consider them to be. Can you make the choice?


        The world is open to you since the very beginning. Walk everywhere, talk to anyone, explore until there is nothing more left to explore. Elex has no loading screens to take you out of the experience, and the world will seamlessly and naturally transition between diverse locales. Lush forests exist alongside harsh deserts, snow-covered mountains can be seen from a volcano.You exploration is aided by a useful powerful jetpack, allowing you to reach otherwise unreachable areas, whether on the unreachable highs, or so low you wouldn't survive the fall. Wherever you decide to go, you find a living, breathing world, and many nooks and crannies hiding rewards for intrepid adventurers.

        No easy wins

        The world is open, but can you handle what it means? Elex pays no mind to comfortable level scaling you might have expected. Your boundaries are set by enemies who can kill you easily, and they are meant to be broken. There are no immortals, and with clever tactics you can beat anyone. Mastering the stamina-based combat system is your key to a exploring ever further.

        Key features:

        ELEX (PC) is an open-world science-fantasy action RPG from the creators of the Gothic and Risen franchises. Visit the world of Magalan, discover the mysterious properties of a rare resource, find your own way in a world broken by a meteor and unrelenting conflict

        ELEX features

        • Open world - the lands you travel in Elex have no arbitrary barriers or loading screens to take you out of the experience
        • Multiple factions - There are four factions defined by their use of Elex: magic-wielding Berserkers, Technological Clerics, juiced up Outlaws, and emotionless Albs
        • Jetpack - take your exploration to another level with a useful and powerful jetpack. Reach places you wouldn't even dream of finding
        • Reactive world - no arbitrary morality scores, the NPC reactions are your consequence system. Quests adapt to current situations
        • Piranha Bytes experience - ELEX takes the ideas of Gothic and Risen to a new level and new setting, more complex than ever before

        Release Date: 2017-10-17

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for ELEX Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for ELEX Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
      • German
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 16

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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