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Titans - exclusive edition (Banner of Glory Included)

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  • Language: English
  • Players: 1 - 4
  • Age Level: 13+
  • Play time: 2h to 3h

TITANS is a territory control miniatures game, set in a historical fantasy setting of 17th century Europe. Endless wars are taking their toll as the people fall into despair. There is no hope for an end, no prospects for ...

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137.69 AUD
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  • Min. Number of Players:1
  • Max. Number of Players:4
  • Mechanics:Area control, Dice rolling, Hand management
  • Theme:Fantasy, Historical
  • Type of player:For expert players, For geeks
  • Age Level:13+
  • Language:English
  • Game Type:Strategy
  • Play time:2h to 3h
  • Brand:Go on Board
Product description

Product description

TITANS is a territory control miniatures game, set in a historical fantasy setting of 17th century Europe. 

Endless wars are taking their toll as the people fall into despair. There is no hope for an end, no prospects for a peaceful order. The faith of the people slowly burns out.
Dorment Spirits of the Nations wake up from centuries-long rest, rekindling the hearts of the people and raising ancient warriors called the Titans. People, filled with extraordinary powers, standing hand-by-hand with mighty Titans, fight to reclaim Europe. That war will end it all, and a King of Kings will be chosen.

In Titans players take roles of a king that leads an Army with a mythical Titan into Battle.
There are 4 Nations to choose from, one of the European empires of that time - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia, Sweden, and the Ottoman Empire. Every Nation has its own abilities.

The box contains 4 Titan figures, 48 Unit figures, 4 Capitals figures, 3 Stronghold figures, as well as 16 dice, 145 cards, a double-sided board, four double-sided player boards, 12 wooden cubes, markers and two rulebooks. The game also comes with the Banner of Glory expansion, made in collaboration with G2A!

The game revolves around a unique, yet simple Order Card Mechanics.
Using a pool of Order cards, players decide to recruit new Units, move armies around the board, and declare battles. The common pool of cards and the awareness of what available Actions will appear in the future allow players not only to plan their moves, but also try to predict the moves of the opponents and get ahead of them. That allows for dynamic gameplay with a lot of planning, both tactical and strategic.

The game is divided into Rounds and the Round ends after the Order Deck is empty. After each Round players collect Victory Points for the Regions they control, so players constantly want to expand their domain. Winning Battles also bring players Victory Points so deciding when, where and how to attack is crucial as well. The player with the most Victory Points at the end of the game is the winner.

Each of the 4 Nations has different starting abilities and a dedicated Deck of Nation Cards that player may purchase during the game. Each Titan also has its own special ability that goes on top of the strength he brings into the Battle.
Nations are well balanced and start the game with some small differences, but as the game progresses each player decides how to expand the Nation by choosing the Nation Cards, making it unique among all others.

Titans is a game in which players make many important decisions, fight battles and try to control the largest part of 17th century Europe. Board domination is the key to victory, but the road to this goal is full of epic, bloody battles.

Epic historical single player campaign allows players to become the ruler of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and take part in the greatest wars of that period.

Become the king of a mighty Nation and see if you can conquer the continent!

For more info about the release date check here.
This version of the game contains the Titans base game and the Banner of Glory expansion. 
EAN: 5906874198322
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