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Our operations management course is a general review and introduction program to the subject. The participants will get through basic topics that will help them assimilate essential knowledge of definition, history and f ...

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Product description

Product description

Our operations management course is a general review and introduction program to the subject. The participants will get through basic topics that will help them assimilate essential knowledge of definition, history and functions of operations management and gain skills related to identifying, explaining or describing various components, relationships, differences that make up for dynamics of the operations management process.

Operations management is generally a chain of interactions of various companies or organizations that takes place in order to manufacture or produce goods or services of any kind. All parties of the operations management process need to cooperate – this is crucial for the process to be successful, but also for companies involved to be able to handle this operations smoothly. Any company or organization engaged in manufacture, production of goods of physical form or offering services in real-life, needs to be familiar with objectives and principles of operations management and follow them closely. Our course provides professionals working in operations management or students of the matter with basic knowledge and skills, as well as with a diploma in operations management, if completed successfully.

What Will I Learn?

This course will provide you with the knowledge on: essential components of operations management, short history of manufacturing, starting from craft-made goods to mass production, productivity subject in operations management. These are the basics that the course focuses on in the beginning. The second part of the course identifies responsibilities and goals of operations management including asset management, cost management, human resources management. Then the topic changes to transformation model, which is used for describing transformation process of changing resources to goods or other resources. Later on, the program gets more into details of operations management process and provide you with knowledge on various facility layouts, including product, cell-unit, process, fixed-position layout. The course wraps up with segments on quality management and inventory, after completing of which you will have knowledge on different inventory’s types, how to identify them, as well as how to achieve quality milestones or benchmarks. The main skills you can gain after completing the course include describing basic components in the number of three of operations management, identifying strategies applied in business developments, outlining relations that take place between competitiveness, productivity and operations, explaining the decision making process that is conducted by operations manager, as well as pointing out his main responsibilities, explaining differences between service-based organizations and manufacturing. Apart from knowledge obtained and skills, if you pass assessments during the course with the score of minimum 80%, you are obliged to receive a diploma in operations management.

Who is the target audience?

The operations management course is designed especially for students of business-related faculties, as well as owners of small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and executives or managers dealing in every day job with operations.


There are no specific requirements to start the operation management course, however general interest in the matter would be desired, as it will aid you comprehend better the content of the course.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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