Electric Scooter Denver Electronics SCO-65210 6.5" 4000 mAh 300W Black

SCO-65210 is an electric scooter produced by Denver Electronics. Its main purpose is to give you an alternative way of traveling short distances faster and more conveniently. The scooter has an electric motor built-in, m ...

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Product description

Product description

SCO-65210 is an electric scooter produced by Denver Electronics. Its main purpose is to give you an alternative way of traveling short distances faster and more conveniently. The scooter has an electric motor built-in, meaning you don’t need to use your own muscles to move, unlike riding a bike or a traditional scooter. This makes it a perfect choice for less active people who aren’t used to physical activities, or people whose current health condition simply doesn’t allow them to travel by foot or bike.

300W Electric Motor

Denver Electronics installed 300W electric motor in its scooter. The motor is powerful enough to achieve a maximum speed of about 20 km/h, allowing you to quickly get whenever you want, and the built-in battery allows to travel up to 12 km straight on one charge. Avoid the traffic and get straight to your destination in a more comfortable way than ever – simply stand on the platform and enjoy the ride. Once the battery runs out of power, you will need only up to 3 hours to fully recharge it and get back on track.

Durable Aluminum Frame

Because of the way electric scooters are used, they need to withstand extreme conditions, namely high pressure and stress exerted on the whole construction. For this very reason, the frame of the Denver Electronics scooter was made of durable aluminum, which will easily endure the typical damage and wear inevitably caused by everyday use, guaranteeing you the top-tier performance even long time after the purchase.

Multifunctional Display

The scooter has a multifunctional display built-in. Its main purpose is to provide you with some valuable data about the current state of the scooter. Use the display to check the current running time, the current gear you’re driving on, and the distance traveled since powering the scooter on. It can also tell you the total distance traveled since the first ride to give you a general idea about the scooter wear level. There is also a battery indicator which will help you to choose the best moment to charge the battery between rides.

Anti-Slip Standing Platform

Safety should always be the number one priority. With anti-slip material covering the standing platform you can be assured the risk of accidents caused by slipping from the scooter is reduced to the absolute minimum. No need to worry about twisted ankle or falling over, so grab the handgrips and start your trip.

Lightweight and Foldable Construction

The scooter can be easily folded to a more compact size thanks to its foldable construction. This allows you to easily reduce its size and take it with you when traveling by bus or train when you need to cover a greater distance. This property will also come in handy when it’s needed to pack the scooter as a part of your luggage. Additionally, materials used to make Denver Electronics SCO-65210 electric scooter are light enough to allow picking it up for easier transportation after being fold.

Electric and Manual Brakes

The electric scooter comes with two types of brakes, electric and manual. The electric one is located on the front wheel and can be used to slow down and fully stop the scooter any time you want to. The manual one, on the other hand, is triggered just like the brake in traditional scooters, by pressing down the heel on the back, and it can be used as an emergency brake.

Key features

  • Powerful 300W electric motor allows reaching speeds of up to 20 km/h
  • Durable aluminum construction able to withstand material wearing caused by the everyday use
  • Up to 12 km range on one charge – enough to take you to the nearby points of interest
  • Short charging time, taking only up to 3 hours until the full recharge
  • Anti-slip material on the standing platform prevents slipping and ensures a comfortable ride when traveling longer distances

Electric Scooter Denver Electronics SCO-65210 specification

TypeElectric Scooter
Colour Black
Wheels 6.5"
Material Aluminium
Rechargeable lithium battery 4000 mAh
Maximum weight 100 kg
Speed 20 km/h
Approx. range 12 km
Approx. charing time 2-3 h
Power 300 W
Lights LED
  • Item type: Brand new
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Warehouse: EU countries + free shipping
  • Important: In case of returning the product, the cost of shipping the product is on the buyer's side.
  • EAN: 5706751039591
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