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ISO 9001:2015 Fundamental Concepts Alison Course GLOBAL - Digital Certificate

ISO 9001 is a recognized globally standard used in companies for implementation of project quality management. Our ISO 9001 training online free of charge teach participants about fundamental concepts of the ISO 9001 ver ...

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Product description

Product description

ISO 9001 is a recognized globally standard used in companies for implementation of project quality management. Our ISO 9001 training online free of charge teach participants about fundamental concepts of the ISO 9001 version revised in 2015. This course is aimed at newcomers to the subject of project quality management and ISO:9001. Course material is designed to aid professionals in various industries that deal with quality management to implement the standard, as well as to revise their current knowledge. ISO 9001 online course presents basics concepts in comprehensive way with help of straightforward examples and tips on how to smoothly introduce the standard in your company. Course can vastly improve the knowledge of quality management process and aid those working on everyday basis with the standard to use opportunities in this area. It is a condensed course with all the fundamental information.

What Will I Learn?

This quality management certification online course will provide you with knowledge on topics like: The history of so-far deployed revisions of ISO 9001 standard, Common misconceptions about the 2015 revision and how to clarify them, Managing and investigating the context of a company or an organization, Risk Based Thinking and Process Approach mechanisms. Cycle of actions: plan, do, check, act and their phases, How to manage know-how within the organization and how to preserve it, Conducting internal audits to evaluate the management system in a company, Involvement of top management associates in the management system with a use of reviews, Changes implemented to 2015 version of the standard as compare to 2008 one in terms of management reviews. Participants’ benefits after completing this training and certification process include having clear understanding of goal of each of the standard’s sub clause and getting to know what solutions can help implementation of project quality management. Additionally, the course offers guidance concerning external or internal audit on a quality management system in an organization. After finishing studying all the materials provided by the course, certification process takes place. In order to complete with success the course, a participant must pass all the tests within the training with minimum 80% score. In case of passing successfully all the assessments and completion of the training, you have the option to purchase the certificate that would be a formal proof of the obtained knowledge in the ISO 9001 course. It is then recommended to include in your job applications, portfolios or CV that you have completed the ISO 9001 training and certification process.

Who is the target audience?

Everyone interested in a project quality management system can take part in the ISO 9001 course, but it is especially recommended for professionals like: Quality Auditors in an organization, Consultants in companies for management systems, Other people involved on daily basis in their job with a project quality management system, Quality engineers, QC or QA specialists, Quality managers, Other professionals and analysts, especially those about to transit to ISO 9001:2015 version form the previous ISO 9001:2008.


Generally, no previous specific knowledge is required to launch this ISO 9001 course. However, for those professionals looking to revise their knowledge on the standard or to transit from the previously used ISO 9001:2008 standard to 2015 one, familiarity with basics of the ISO 9001 intents and rules would be helpful. Additionally, being familiar with quality management system in general might prove useful in better and deeper understanding of the course’s content.

The following product allows you to obtain a Digital Certificate / Digital Diploma confirming completion of the related e-learning course which serves as a formal proof of your newly gained skills. You will receive it after passing the course assessment with a score of at least 80%.
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