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PDP Wired Controller (White) (Xbox One / PC)

PDP is a brand that has made quite a name for in the gaming industry. Labeled as “the number 1 video game accessory company in North America”, PDP is clearly aiming high with its ambitions. Known for its series of headse ...

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  • Brand:PDP
  • Appropriate For:Gaming
Product description

Product description

PDP is a brand that has made quite a name for in the gaming industry. Labeled as “the number 1 video game accessory company in North America”, PDP is clearly aiming high with its ambitions. Known for its series of headsets, the company has surely left a mark in the gamers’ consciousness. Their Wired Controller is a statement to the quality they continue to provide. PDP’s wired controller for XBOX and Windows is a state-of-the-art device, designed with care for details and with the best gameplay experience at mind.  The controller received many positive reviews from customers, who praised the quality of the device, placing among the best on the market.

Flawless design

Firstly, let’s take a look at the design – something many players carefully consider before making a purchase. PDP’s Wired Controller was made to look exactly like the original XBOX controller. It comes in white with a black underside, face buttons, sticks, bumpers, and triggers. The device is equipped with 2.5 m detachable charging cable. The length allows the player to enjoy gaming from a comfortable distance from their TV set. Jacks on both ends of the cable stay perfectly in place and does not fall out from its socket even with the most intense movement. It also features a 3.5 mm headset jack with onboard audio controls.

PDP Wired Controller

Outstanding quality

PDP’s XBOX controller’s quality is another feature that will surely draw in the players tired of third party devices falling apart after few months of use. The controller is made of sturdy plastic. The grips are covered with non-slip material, preventing the device from jumping out of the player’s hand during intense gaming sessions. Triggers and shoulder buttons are coated with textured material, providing additional traction and preventing unnecessary slipping. Simply put, the Wired Controller meets all the requirements of a quality gamepad.

Excellent gaming experience

Meeting the needs of players who demand excellence from the products they spend money on is never easy.Fortunately, PDP’s controller manages to fulfill the promise of a quality gaming experience. With its elegant design the excellent execution, PDP’s gamepad provides an outstanding gaming experience. The players can spend hours on playing open-world games, or pop in for short but intense online matches – in both cases the controller serves its purpose well.

Compatibility with XBOX consoles and Windows

PDP understands that right after the quality of design and gameplay experience, what player demands the most from their device is versatility. This is why the Wired Controller is compatible with all Microsoft devices, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows operating system. The player needn’t worry about having to switch between several different controllers – PDP’s gamepad will work perfectly on all aforementioned platforms, providing excellent gameplay experience on XBOX consoles and personal computers running on Windows.

PDP Controller


By purchasing the PDP Wired Controller, the player receives the gamepad compatible with XBOX consoles and Windows OS. The device comes equipped with detachable, 2.5 m charging cable, 3.5 mm headset jack with audio control button installed at the front of the pad. The controller’s materials include textured shoulder buttons, triggers and control sticks, and non-slip grips. Dual-rumble motors provide vibration feedback, enhancing the gameplay experience.


PDP Wired Controller for XBOX and PC received a solid review from the players. In their reviews, they noted the quality of the gamepad, which matched the original XBOX controller. Another plus in the opinion of those who purchased the device was the great ratio of quality to the price. Reviews from industry critics were likewise positive, with emphasis also being placed on the quality of design and manufacturing of the controller, as well as the function of controlling the volume using the d-pad. All in all, Wired Controller is considered an excellent choice for gamers who value quality and reasonable prices.

Key features

  • A third-party controller made with the quality of an original
  • Elegant design and excellent quality
  • Detachable cable, with enough room for comfortable gaming
  • Headset jack with d-pad controlled volume
  • Compatibility with XBOX consoles and PC

PDP Wired Controller

CompatibilityPC, Xbox One
Connection TypeWired
Number of buttons12
Mini joystickYes
  • Item type: Brand new
  • EAN: 708056062323
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