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Trials Rising Steam Gift GLOBAL

Ubisoft RedLynx, a studio based in Helsinki, Finland, returns with Trials Rising to bring a larger sequel combining the classic game with fresh and competitive appearance.

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Product description

Product description

The Trials saga returns the bigger and crazier than ever before. Perform all kinds of stunts in the most picturesque places that you could ever imagine, from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China. 

Trials Rising offers drivers the opportunity to travel around the globe and test their skills through different difficulty levels. It combines the gameplay & action essence of the Trials series but with new features, many more competitions and new visuals. Trials Rising is the largest and most ambitious instalment of the series. Jump into the competitive experience, in which you start with nothing to get to the top. Improve your skills steadily and become one of the experienced veterans. Trials Rising will test you during the most advanced challenges ever created.

Racing 2.5D Gameplay

Trials Rising puts special emphasis on competitiveness with its insane local & online multiplayer. Explore new scenarios to challenge most incredible pirouettes on board fabulous motorcycles. Luxuriate in a brand new, very attractive episode of the series.

Run through the tracks from all over the world! Travel across big cities, urban circuits, soccer fields or deserts. Ubisoft and RedLynx wanted Trials Rising to be the funniest title in the series, so they prepared several game options that will keep you stuck with the motorcycling experiences. The game has a track editor, so you can create your own crazy circuits. The track editor includes more than 8,000 building elements. Many of them are assets belonging to other titles in the series.

Modes and local multiplayer

Control your physics-based motorcycle while navigating through a series of obstacles! Trials Rising allows multiplayer races of more than four bikers. The game features obstacle courses in various parts of the world such as the Eiffel Tower and Mount Everest, and players can compete with each other in local and online multiplayer. The game also allows you to see the best personal performance of other players. In addition to creating custom obstacle courses and sharing them with other players, you can also customize the pilot and motorcycle appearances. RedLynx made the multiplayer of Trials Rising an eye-catching experience. 

The collaboration is now more important because in addition to the classic competitive races there are also some games for 2 players. Enjoy a local multiplayer mode called Tandem Bike in which two pilots control the same motorcycle. Each player is responsible for controlling part of the balance and power of the vehicle.

About development

The game was announced by Ubisoft at its press conference at E3 2018. RedLynx and Ubisoft are the main developers of the title. To ensure that players understand the control scheme and game mechanics, RedLynx invited several YouTubers and members of the Trials community to try and give their opinion on the game's tutorial.

Key features

  • The brand new motorcycling delivery
  • The largest and most ambitious instalment of the series
  • Numerous tracks from all over the world: big cities, urban circuits, soccer fields, and deserts
  • Local & online multiplayer mode such as Tandem Bike multiplayer mode
  • The track editor which includes more than 8,000 building elements
  • A lot of pilot and motorcycle customization options
Release date: 2019-02-26
System requirements

System requirements

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Trials Rising Steam Gift GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Trials Rising Steam Gift GLOBAL may change over time.

Minimal requirements

  • Otherdirectx: Version 12

Recommended requirements




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