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Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos Black

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos is a sportwatch designed to deliver a lot of interesting data about your physical activity. Monitor your heart rate and calories burnt in real time. Measure the traveled distance and check th ...

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  • Smart Watch Features:GPS, Waterproof, Health Tracker, Data Synchronism, Alarm Setting
  • Display Technology:OLED
  • All Brands:Xiaomi
  • Battery Type:Li-ion Polymer
  • Material:Silicon, Stainless Steel
Product description

Product description

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos is a sportwatch designed to deliver a lot of interesting data about your physical activity. Monitor your heart rate and calories burnt in real time. Measure the traveled distance and check the route you were following. With the 290 mAh battery, which allows using the device casually for a few days straight, the smartwatch turns out to be an interesting choice for the active people looking for an electronic companion.

Tons of monitoring functions

Xiaomi AMAZFIT is a smartwatch designed for physically active people. As such it comes with a lot of monitoring functions which help to better understand the effects of undertaken activities. It can count the steps you take, log the heart rate, and measure the distance traveled. It can even tell you the current and average speed you are traveling at, as well as the number of calories burnt during exercising.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos

5ATM waterproof

The smartwatch is waterproof and has a rating of 5ATM. This means you can safely take the device to the swimming pool or to the aquapark and still monitor your physical activity while being submerged in water. Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos is capable of withstanding the pressure of 5 atmospheres, which corresponds to 50-meters depths, and it can stay down there for up to ten minutes. No need to mention it is completely resistant to splashes, so you can take it with you even on a rainy day.

4 GB of internal storage

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos comes with 4 GB space for your data. It makes the smartwatch not only a monitoring device but also a music player. Load the watch with your favorite tracks and enjoy the music during the daily session of morning jogging or when going on a bike trip around the town. Eliminate the boredom from your training – keep a steady pace set by the rhythm of the listened songs.


Wireless connectivity and navigation module

Take advantage of the built-in Bluetooth module and connect wireless earbuds to allow yourself unrestricted movement. This may be especially useful for runners, dancers, or martial artists, where the body is in constant, dynamic motion.

Connect the sportwatch with your smartphone and silently receive the notifications about received calls, SMS, and e-mails to remain in touch with the world during training.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos also has built-in navigation module which helps to precisely tell your location and log the traveled route.

Amazfit Watch App

Synchronize your training progress with Amazfit Watch mobile application. The data gathered during your exercises may be easily transferred to your smartphone for further analysis. Check the number of calories burnt, the heart rate at any given point during exercising, the time spent on training or the average speed you were traveling at. Use the logged data to better plan your activities and make them even more efficient at keeping your body fit and healthy.


Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami Stratos received positive reviews. Reviewers praised the capacious battery, ease of use, and the comfortable design. A multitude of fitness functionalities and the display quality were also noted, as well as the durable, waterproof construction.

Key features

  • Dozen of useful monitoring functions, including the pulsometer, burnt calories monitor, pedometer, distance meter, and speedometer
  • Built-in navigation utilizes both GPS and GLONASS systems, providing you with a more accurate route tracking
  • 5ATM waterproof – take the smartwatch to the swimming pool or for a diving session in the lake and monitor your underwater activity
  • Capacious battery combined with effective energy management allows to casually use the device for a few days straight
  • Utilize the Amazfit Watch application to synchronize data gathered during exercising. Use the data to track your progress and to make training more efficient


  • Performance: 2-core CPU 1.2 GHz, 512 GB RAM, 4 GB storage
  • Display: 1.34" touchscreen, 320x300 resolution
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, light sensor, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Construction: Ceramic bezel, plastic case, replaceable rubber strips, 5ATM waterproof
  • Functions: Calls/SMS/e-mail notifications, maps and navigation, activity monitoring, physical activity monitoring, idle alert, physical parameters monitoring, pedometer, calorie counter, speedometer, distance meter, pulsometer, training reports, fitness
  • Battery: Li-Ion 290 mAh
  • Dimensions: Height: 35 mm, width: 35 mm, thickness: 15 mm
  • Color: Black strips, black case
  • Accessories: Charging cable
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher
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