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      • Self-discovery

        Figure out the rules of the forest yourself. It is part of the game to get to know the rhythms and patterns on your own without detailed step by step tutorials. Enjoy minimalist approach to a storytelling and dialogues.

        You are a foxy animal now. Sharpen your instincts, explore, sniff, listen and watch, like any fox or lynx does in the wild. Follow the wordless tale like oak trees do in their groves. Jump from tree to tree and enjoy the blue space!

        Follow the camera and line up with your target. Slither under the spell yourself and let the special tools and melodies guide you.

        Environment evolution

        Get hooked by the constant change of your enchanted surroundings. Be surprised by new challenges. Earn new abilities down the road and revisit previous destinations to explore them further.

        Uncover shortcuts and hidden items. Go back—but still forward! The exciting part in Fe Game is that the way the world is structured, backtracking feels like you are still making a meaningful headway.


        Plunge into beautiful palettes of colors which will help to convey emotions and moods within any of various regions of the world. Darker, cooler colors come into play in the chilly mountains, whereas brighter, warmer colors convey heightened sense of tension in a series of bizarre flashback sequences.


        Sound and communication

        The use of sound takes your sensitivity even further. This is a real jewel of this game! Communicate with others by singing! Match your wavelength to others. Depending on the pressure you exert on a button, hum tunes softly or scream notes frantically. Get various reactions from the wildlife all around you.

        Sing your songs to plants and animals springing to life. Interact with beings as it is crucial to unlocking new abilities or completing tasks to progress. Bond with a unique creature via song, find the right frequency by relying on a visual connection, the pitch of a sound and the vibrations in your controller.

        Use all your senses at once. Bond and team up with charming creatures. Hop onto the back of a bird and soar through the skies. Enlist an aid of a deer. Find a plant that lets you float with a gentle breeze. Find another plant that bounces you upwards. Get balanced and soothed by background music combining heavy violin tunes and slow orchestral pieces.

        No Combat

        Save animals and bring the balance back to nature. The Silent Ones capture animals and haul them off for some unknown(at the beginning) mission. Their voices are more distorted, even cacophonous, whenever they are on a hunt.

        If they spot you, they creep up on all fours with great speed, leaving you a few seconds at best to escape. You can’t fight the Silent Ones head-on. Gather crystals, assist animals and sing powerfully to scare them off.

        Simple platforming mechanics will govern your fights. Progress freely in any direction unless a gate blocks your path, forcing you to unlock certain new abilities or complete specific tasks. Get connected with others to achieve a common goal of natural harmony in your world.

        Key features:

        • Become a one with the Nordic forest. Run, climb and glide through it. Your skill will be tested.
        • Try to speak the language of the forest. Become friends with the fauna of this mysterious place in order to be able to travel further.
        • Uncover all mysteries hidden in the forest. Exploration is going to lead you to various rewards. Artifacts, mysterious powers and hidden areas are waiting for you.
        • Stand against the Silent Ones. They want to destroy the harmony of the forest. The only one who can stop these mysterious creatures is you.

        Release Date: 2018-02-16

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for FE Standard Edition (PC) - EA App Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for FE Standard Edition (PC) - EA App Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • English
      • Restrictions:

        PEGI 7
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