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Football Manager 2017 Steam Key GLOBAL

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Football Manager 2017 (PC) for Steam platform is a digital product – no box included. The price applies to a digital version of the product.

Warning: FM17 is region locked and CAN NOT be activated in the following countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North Korea.

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  • Product Description

    The most complex and deep simulation of managing a football team is back for another year. Football manager 2017 features many improvements, new features, and a stunning base of players and teams.Streamlined menus with easy access to more information than ever are some of the solutions making FM 2017 more accessible than ever without losing any of its complexity.

    Revamped manager profile

    In Football Manager 17 you have access to new and expanded customization options spread between cosmetic and gameplay-essential. Among the visual improvements there are more clothing options available, but the essential addition is the Facegen system. With it you can upload a photo of a face and the game will create a 3D model based on it. Putting yourself in the position of a manager is now easier than ever.You can also set your management preferences to improve your gameplay experience. You can now decide which tasks will be automatically taken care of by your assistants. No reason to delegate them manually every time ever again!

    Deepened transfers

    FM 2017 expands the options available during transfer negotiations. One of the new additions are the pre-contract obligations and promises made to convince target players to come to your team. Making sure the promises are kept secures new transfer's satisfaction. Accordingly, the player happiness system was expanded to accommodate for this addition.

    Improved match gameplay experience

    Football Manager 2017 (PC) dramatically improves the AI of players. The developer Sports Interactive boasts about doubling the number of AI decisions the players make each moment, relative to previous editions. In addition there are new, motion-captured animations created in cooperation with Creative Assembly of Total War fame. Supported by a better 3D engine and a new camera engine, watching your team play is more pleasant than ever.

    Social media simulation

    In place of typical "Latest news", you now have the "Social Media" tab with a full scope of information you can expect. From transfer announcements to fan reactions, polls, and various rumors, the Social Media tab is a competent simulation of what managers have to deal with in social media. You can follow football news about continents, countries, teams or individual players.

  • Key features

    Football Manager 2017 improves on most features of its predecessors. Better transfers, improved matches, more manager customization options, all of this makes this a clear progress for the series.

    Football Manager 2017 features

    • Broader manager customization - more clothing, Facegen system for transforming photos to a 3D mode
    • Automated assistant delegating - you can decide which task categories will be automatically taken care of by your assistants. No more distractions from important decisions
    • Social Media simulation - you can follow football players and teams from all over the world, as well as fan reaction and polls in a competent Twitter simulation
    • Expanded transfers - you can now make promises and meet players' expectations to make them more likely to join your team
    • Fantasy Draft returns - now with a budget up to £250 million and AI managers against which to compete
    • Impressive numbers - FM 2017 has a database of 2500 real clubs, and half a million real football players
    • Better advice system - advice given by your staff is now gathered into a single panel, and suggestions can be implemented with just a click
  • Requirements

    • System Requirements:
      Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Processor:
      Intel Pentium 4 Intel Core AMD Athlon 2.2GHz+
    • Memory:
      2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:
      NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400
    • HDD:
      3 GB
  • Age and content rating

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