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    The "Aragami" game is all about taking on the role of an assassin with supernatural abilities. Stealth skills and playing the action in different ways will come in handy. The main goal is to free Yamiko, who is crucial t ...

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      • The "Aragami" game is all about taking on the role of an assassin with supernatural abilities. Stealth skills and playing the action in different ways will come in handy. The main goal is to free Yamiko, who is crucial to your existence. Sounds interesting? Initially, the game produced by Lince Works was called "Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows". Can you defeat the mystical warriors?



        Aragami is summoned by a projection of Yamiko, a girl who identifies herself as a captive of Kaiho, an army of light adepts. It details how they conquered the lands of Nisshoku and how they imprisoned the empress and her in the temple after the war was won. In order to free them, six talismans are required, which you, as the Aragami, must obtain. But there's a detail: you have to do it before the night is over. If sunlight touches you, you will dissolve.

        As you progress in the game, you will learn more about the main character's past, what connects him with the mysterious Yamiko, and whether it will affect your health. Be sure to pay attention to Aragami’s cape. The character's colors are dark; however, the color of the cape changes according to how well it is hidden. Power of shadows!

        Obtaining more talismans is, of course, the way to victory and freeing the character. But are you sure? Each item you collect has a story to tell, revealing secrets related to Aragami.

        Aragami gamescreen


        In the game, you control the shadow spirit, Aragami. As part of this task, you must complete thirteen chapters of The Open World. Explore specific areas, collect available obstacles, and destroy obstacles to find a way out and reach the end of the chapter. Aragami's special skills will help you with this. You can, for example, teleport to any part of the map from a selected circle. While doing this, however, pay attention to the "Shadow Essence" level. You can recharge it while in the shade, but it runs out quickly when you are close to light sources. During the next challenge and while exploring the area, you can find hidden scrolls. Spend them or unlock them with abilities or techniques. Match your fighting style to the boss's to defeat him with ease.

        Key features:

        • While creating the game, the developers were inspired by the culture of East Asia and titles such as "Okami" or "Journey"
        • Use your supernatural abilities to defeat your enemies, but don't forget to be vigilant as a ninja too
        • The cartoon animation remains so dark that it will be difficult to break free from the atmosphere of the game
        • This third-person gameplay depends on your choices; depending on the chosen scenario, you will have different ways to succeed

        Date de sortie: 2016-10-04

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        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 16

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