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    The game was initially released on Steam as an Early Access project in 2015. One year later, Darkest Dungeon had its official premiere on PC.StorylineThe action of the game takes place in a dark, fantasy world. The Overw ...

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    • The game was initially released on Steam as an Early Access project in 2015. One year later, Darkest Dungeon had its official premiere on PC.


      The action of the game takes place in a dark, fantasy world. The Overwhelming atmosphere is bringing to mind works by H.P Lovecraft or Bram Stoker.

      The story of Darkest Dungeon takes place in the remains of an old manor. At the beginning of the game, the player inherits the property from an unknown relative. Soon, you will find out, that something is horribly wrong with the place. Because of the reckless actions of its former master, the place has been overtaken by evil forces. His ambition led him to open portals to other dimensions, letting terrifying, monstrous creatures into our world. As players progress in the game, they will learn more about the past of the old manor, its former master, and his family.

      Darkest Dungeon


      The main element of the gameplay is exploring dangerous dungeons, where death is waiting behind every corner, and each step must be taken with caution, as the place is filled with deadly traps. Before embarking on a mission, the player must gather a team of heroes, consisting of four members. The game offers a rich hero roster which consists of:

      • Abomination
      • Antiquarian
      • Arbalest
      • Bounty Huner
      • Crusader
      • Grave Robber
      • Hellion
      • Highwayman
      • Houndmaster
      • Jester
      • Leper
      • Man-at-Arms
      • Occultist
      • Plague Doctor
      • Vestal
      • Flagellant (The Crimson Court DLC)
      • Shieldbreaker (The Shieldbreaker DLC)

      Even though some characters may look alike, they are all unique in a way and have a set of personal characteristics and traits. The developers decided to implement an innovative gameplay mechanic, concerning the mental health of characters. While traveling through dark hallways, our heroes will be exposed to extremely stressful factors, which will leave a mark on their psyche. If the player won't pay attention to the mental state of each character, they may panic, get paranoid, depraved, or even fall into madness. Players should avoid that for all cost because sometimes one dysfunctional member of the team may be the cause of the defeat of the entire group. In worst cases, a terrified character will push other companions in front of them or even self-mutilate. Additionally, mental health can change the behavior of the group members and influence the interactions between them.

      Darkest Dungeon Gameplay

      The combat system in DD is turned-based. The proper positioning and well-thought actions performed during the encounters are crucial. Every character plays their role in the team - for example, heavy armored Crusader should be the first one in the line, protecting more vulnerable heroes like Vestal or Plague Doctor.

      It is worth mentioning, that enemies that players will have to face on their adventures are not the only danger waiting for them within dark undergrounds. Each location is filled with deadly traps and the torchlight is constantly getting weaker which increases stress factor. It is extremely important to take each hero's health seriously as the death of every character is permanent.


      The game by Red Hook Studios received very positive reviews among the gaming community. According to the statistics provided by Steam, over 94% of players' reviews are positive. One of the most popular gaming services said: 'Darkest Dungeon is a punishing and awesome game of tactics, management, and pushing your luck to the breaking point' and awarded the game with 9.1 out of 10 points.

      Key features:

      • Dark, challenging adventure - embark on a dangerous journey, inspired by dark, medieval times
      • Diverse hero roster - compose your team choosing the bravest heroes
      • Learn about the past of the old manor - discover secrets of the ruined mansion
      • All DLCs included thanks to Ancestral Edition - the full experience offered by Darkest Dungeon
      • Permadeath feature - fallen heroes will not rise. Take care of them!
    • Vous trouverez ci-dessous les spécifications système minimales et recommandées pour Darkest Dungeon | Ancestral Edition Steam Key GLOBAL. En raison de changements de programmation potentiels, la configuration système minimale requise pour Darkest Dungeon | Ancestral Edition Steam Key GLOBAL peut changer au fil du temps.
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