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      • The bloodiest fighter franchise of all platforms is back. Mortal Kombat X is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Mortal Kombat 9, upon which it improves in every way, from new, juicy Fatalities to the combat system and revamped characters. Join the struggle for control over the Earthrealm and FINISH THEM!

        Big roster of Kombatants

        Mortal Kombat X has a core roster of 24 characters, both new and old. Meet the offspring of classic characters, and brand new fighters with unique designs and playstyles. Welcome the old blood in several flashy returns. The Premium Edition includes further 4 characters, bringing the total character count to learn and brutalise up to 28. The violence has only just begun!

        Each character has three variations to play with

        The already significant roster is further diversified by the introduction of character variations. This brand new subsystem grants players a choice of three fighter variants, each with its own specialisation, special moves and variant-specific costume. So if you found Raiden's Teleport a useful tactic, pick his Displacer variant or choose the Thunder God, if electrically boosted punches were just the thing you wanted to torment your opponent. The choice is yours, and choose wisely, as variations make Mortal Kombat X's combat system even more complex.

        Mortal Kombat X

        Detailed spectacle of violence

        Mortal Kombat X boasts upgraded graphics, complete with even more detailed character models and improved animations, which make the game look more real than it ever has. Feel the momentum of your punches and see how the enemies recoil from them.Enjoy the new graphic engine as you watch Fatalities, Brutalities or X-Rays and see for yourself just how deep the details go during those unfiltered symphonies of violence. MKX is the goriest and the most outlandishly imaginative about its violence iteration of the long-running series.

        Plenty of online and offline ways to play

        Both singleplayer and multiplayer modes are robust and can last for a long time.For those taking interest in relationships between various characters there is the Story Mode, taking players on several hours worth of journey across the realms and introducing newcomers to the world. The all-out war took its toll, and familial relations between the classic characters and their occasional offspring play not a small role in the conflict.Those who seek challenge will find the Test Your Luck mode. It takes the player on a series of battles with randomly applied modifiers, from jets of flames occasionally shooting up from the floor to randomised input for Special attacks, or even tornados. So test your luck and don't let any distractions throw you off your game.There are also the Towers, a mainstay in the Mortal Kombat series. One is the Arcade mode, where you on a series of progressively harder fights culminating in sub-boss and then boss fights, a staple of the series. The other is the Living Towers mode, where you can find sets of challenges changing in regular intervals ( hourly, daily, and weekly). Winning the challenges nets you rewards from points to coins.For multiplayer enthusiasts there is the obligatory Versus mode, playable both offline and online, making Mortal Kombat 10 a suitable game for a meeting with friends. There is also the online-only King of the Hill mode, where players queue up and wait for their turn to fight, in the meantime acting as an active audience to other fighters, reacting to the events happening on screen. It's a great mode for anyone who always wanted to have people cheering when your opponent's head rests solidly within your hands. The spectator can even rate the fighters!

        Scorpion vs Sub Zero

        Faction gameplay

        Mortal Kombat X (PC) introduces factions to the mix in a global metagame. Join one of five major factions and engage in a global conflict, with weekly rankings deciding which one is the superior one. Team up with your faction to defeat special bosses in a massive cooperative effort to topple the giants in Invasions. As you play, you will win Faction Kill-finishers or additional customisation options.

        Enter the Krypt

        When you have just enough Koins gained from normal MKX gameplay, enter the Krypt, a dungeon to explore. There you will spend the Koins and unlock more content for you to enjoy. From skins to artwork, to movelists for secondary fatalities, the Krypt rewards the daring, not the fainthearted. So take your torch and go roaming the dungeon to see what your Koins will buy you!

        Key features

        • Experience the most brutal Kombat experience to date with Mortal Kombat X!
        • Enter into a persistent online contest where every victory and defeat matters in a battle for global supremacy.
        • With multiple variations of each character, you'll be able to find the fighter that fits your gamestyle perfectly.
        • Fight your way through an original story in the classic battle between good and evil.
        • Play with fan favourites, including the likes of Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

        Date de sortie: 2015-07-22

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