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    Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action-RPG. The player controls a survivor of a shipwreck, who is tasked with rescuing a princess, lost on an island. The game features gameplay elements of both Dark Souls and Castlevania seri ...

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      • Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action-RPG developed and published by Ska Studios. The game features gameplay mechanics known to the players of Dark Souls and Bloodborne series, including fighting increasingly difficult enemies and bosses, a few hundred items to be used and more. In S&S, the player takes the role of a stowaway survivor of a shipwreck, who wakes up on an unknown island. There he faces many dangers as he is tasked with finding the princess, who was on the ship with him. S&S received favorable reviews from the critics, who praised the title for how it combined Soulsborne mechanics with Metroidvania-like aesthetics.

        Soulsborne gameplay in 2D

        In Salt and Sanctuary, the player controls a single protagonist in a 2D environment. The player character can be customized to an extent, by assigning them to one of seven origins. These changes are purely cosmetic and influence the character's skin tone and some facial features. The gameplay mechanics are similar to those in both Dark Souls and Castlevania series, with the player character attacking, parrying and dodging attacks during combat, collecting salt – substance allowing the player to strengthen their character, as well as other items and gold. The player can also interact with NPCs living in Sanctuaries, making purchases in stores and placing Offerings to expand the Sanctuary with new items.  

        Salt and Sanctuary game

        Living by the Creed

        An important aspect of Salt and Sanctuary is the system of Creeds. . At the beginning of the game, the player is given a creed– a faction allegiance. There are several factions inhabiting the island and joining one of them gives the player several advantages, like new items creed-specific items sold by NPCs. Some Sanctuaries the player will visit will not accept them because of their creed, making trading with merchants impossible. The player can try to convert the sanctuary to their creed. However, it is very difficult to do so.

        Epic story on a mysterious island

        The stowaway never wanted any of this to happen. They were just hiding on the ship, running from trouble, as usual, when they saw her. The princess. Beautiful as they come, shipped off far away to marry some rival king. Then, everything went wrong. The monster came out of nowhere. The shipwrecked on an island. The princess- gone. Now, the stowaway will traverse the treacherous island, full of monsters and secrets, in an attempt to rescue her.

        Cutscene in Salt and Sanctuary


        Salt and Sanctuary received positive reviews from the critics. Reviewers noted the game’s gameplay mechanics as one of its strongest points, resembling of both the Soulsborne titles and Castlevania. The combination of the Dark Souls gameplay and 2D aesthetics was also well received by the players, who praised the fast pace of the game and the challenge it provided, making it a balanced title for experienced players.

        Key features:

        • Dark Souls meets Castlevania! Salt and Sanctuary is a perfect combination of Soulsborne and Metroidvania mechanics.
        • A princess and a stowaway! Experience the story of a young man, put to the task of rescuing a lost princess on an island full of monsters.
        • Play as you like! Test various strategies on 98 types of enemies and powerful bosses.
        • Collect them all! The game offers over 600 items to be collected or purchased from merchants.
        • Co-operative multiplayer! Invite another player to join you on your quest. 

        Date de sortie: 2016-05-17

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