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      • The player controls a team of armed-to-the-teeth earthworms and set out to destroy the enemy team using ridiculous arsenal. Plenty of gameplay modes and customization options make this game hard-to-pass for any fan of zany Worms' antics.

        Worms: Armageddon

        Worms: Armageddon is a turn-based tactical game developed by Team17 and published by MicroProse. The game is another installment of the Worms series in which the player's task is to destroy the enemy team using a variety of weapons. Armageddon features multiple highly customizable gameplay modes, allowing the players to adjust aspects such as the amount of health, types of weapons, etc. Worms: Armageddon received highly positive reviews from the critics, and became a cult-classic among the fans.

        Worms Armageddon

        Wormy gameplay

        The core gameplay mechanics are focused on a turn-based system in which each player can take one of several actions. They can move their worm characters around the 2-D map, divided into the player and enemy area. The main task of the game is to eliminate the opponent's team, but in the campaign, these tasks vary and might include additional objectives. The player begins each skirmish with a specific amount of health. It can be adjusted by the player in multiplayer battles or is predetermined in the campaign scenarios.

        Modes of war

        W: A features a variety of gameplay modes. In the classic solo campaign mode, the player must lead their team through a series of battles, carrying out different objectives along the way. In multiplayer mode, the players take on each other locally or online. Multiplayer mode features a high level of customizability, with the player able to adjust health, weapon sets, and other aspects of the gameplay. The player can also create their custom terrain maps by using a terrain editor or importing picture-format maps, which are converted automatically into the game arenas.

        Worms Armageddon - gamescreen

        Weapons of worm destruction

        The Worms series is known for its ridiculous arsenal of weapons. In Armageddon, the player can use a variety of launchers, cannons, bombs, grenades, etc., to lay waste to the enemy ranks. More bizarre types of weapons include sheep, which explode upon contact with the enemy, skunks, deploying poisonous gas. The teams can also carry a special weapon that deals more substantial damage to the opponent. These can be anything from an airstrike made of sheep to Monty Python-inspired Holy Hand Grenade, which eliminates the enemy team to the sound of the angelic chorus.


        Worms: Armageddon received positive reviews upon release. Among other features, the critics praised the game's tactical mechanics, customization features, and outlandish humor. Armageddon became a cult-classic among the players, thanks to its seemingly never-ending fun potential and easy-to-master gameplay. Armageddon was nominated to several awards, winning EGM 2000 Game Blast Award for the Best Strategy title.

        Key features

        • The continuation of a cult-classic worms series.
        • An excellent strategy game, full of ridiculous humor
        • A variety of modes to participate in, including campaign and multiplayer.
        • High level of customization, allowing the players to adjust specific aspects of gameplay, such as weapon sets and amount of health.
        • An astounding selection of cartoonish and more serious weapons.

        Date de sortie: 1999-05-31

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        ESRB Everyone
        PEGI 7

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