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      • Players beat down, gun down, and run over the competition in this last one standing PvP shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Your vehicle is your lifeline, your greatest weapon, strongest armor, and your best chance at outrunning a deadly encroaching storm!


        The sound of your heart pounding is drowned out only by the roar of the engine. You’ve taken your place in a circle of death at the center of the apocalyptic wasteland. You wait with only your rusted metal ride to defend yourself. Out there lies the weapons, gear and fuel you’ll need to earn a blood-soaked victory.

        Can you be the lone survivor in an arena of road warriors hell-bent on destruction? Start your engine, hit the gas and drive to survive!


        Savage wastelanders can be camped around any corner, ready to hunt you down from any angle. You’ll need to keep an eye and ear out to take them on, before they take you out. Knowing when to jump out on foot is a calculated risk you must make. Scavenge weapons, armor, upgrades and fuel. Stalk your enemies, or make for cover and lay in wait to beat or gun them down.

        Load your shotgun. Strap on your sidearm. Perch your rifle for the perfect kill. There are weapons for all playstyles but it’s as much your wits that will get you through this hell as it is your firepower.


        In a broken world, danger comes from all directions. Stay alert to the roar of approaching engines, gunfire and the fall of footsteps. But don’t overlook the radioactive storm raging on the horizon. It closes in with each passing minute and will choke out even the toughest competitor.

        Equip a gas mask and keep moving if you want to stay ahead. Whether battling the elements or other road warriors, the goal remains the same: stay alive by any means necessary.


        Ride or die. Your vehicle is your greatest weapon, strongest armor and lifeline out in the wastelands. Upgrade it with powerful attachments to magnify your gameplay strategies. Cut through armored defenses with a spiked bumper. Rig up a nitrous boost and rocket through the battlefield. Carry surplus inventory or run down the competition.

        Your wheels are the ultimate extension of your character so fuel up, soup it up, or steal someone else’s ride if you have to!

        Release Date: 2018-07-31

        Early Access: Yes

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      • English
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