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      • Friday the 13th was a movie which had shown how the slasher horror really should look like. A simple story about a group of teenagers during summer holidays, being killed one by one by a serial killer is not impressive by today’s standards. However, back in 1980 it was a breath of fresh air. Today, you as player can become both a scared camper or a powerful and demonic Jason Voorhees in this cat and mouse like game.

        You are a camper - use your intelligence and skills to survive

        Let's be honest, a normal camper does not stand a chance against Jason Voorhees. If he is going to catch you, then you are doomed. Luckily in Friday the 13h: The Game you are not alone. Besides you, seven other people (controlled by other players) decided to camp near the damned Crystal Lake. If you want to survive, you have to cooperate in order to be able to fool Jason long enough to allow the help to come. You can also simply run away from this hell. However, if you ever watched horror movies, then you know that it won't be easy. Remember that you cannot kill him. However, you can for example use flare gun, to distract him. You can also build various traps to slow him down. The only thing that stops you is your imagination and ability to solve problems. So, are you going to survive, or will you become another victim of Jason’s huge machete?

        You are Jason Voorhees - just kill all people foolish enough to camp at Crystal Lake

        Because of stupidity and neglectfulness of the camp counselors you drowned in the lake. However, instead of being taken to afterlife, you were revived. For many years you lived in a crude shelter in the forest but when you witnessed the death of your mother (the only person who ever cared about you) in 1979, you swore that you will kill anybody foolish enough to come to camp Crystal Lake. Your task is to murder all seven campers. You are invincible, and you have many powers, which allow you to hunt your victims one by one. Do not be so full of yourself though. Contrary to characters from the movie, these campers are smart. Thus, they can run away from you and they will use every chance to gain the advantage. Will you be able to fulfill your quest for revenge?

        A demanding gameplay

        Friday the 13th: The Game focuses entirely on multiplayer. In each round one of eight players is chosen randomly and becomes Jason Voorhees. The othershave to survive the onslaught as campers. Are you brave enough to stand against Jason?

        Key features:

        • An addictive gameplay - The game was created in a way in which you are going to feel like a character in the movie.
        • As one of the campers use your intelligence and wits to survive - in a direct battle you do not stand a chance against Jason. Thus, you must outsmart him with various traps and other things which will distract him long enough to allow you to slip away.
        • As Jason, slaughter everyone - You are powerful man with a machete. Your only task is to fulfill the quest for revenge and kill every single person on the camp.

        Release Date: 2017-05-26

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Friday the 13th: The Game Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Friday the 13th: The Game Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
      • English
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 18

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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