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Frostpunk 2 is a sequel to acclaimed city-builder from 11 bit studios. As the leader of New London, the player's goal is to provide resources for the city's survival as well as deal with discontent within its walls. The game was praised for its gameplay and the theme of morality vs. survival.

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    Frostpunk 2 is a city-building survival strategy game developed by 11 bit studios. The game features most of the mechanics of the original Frostpunk and introduces some new ones as well. Frostpunk 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which a volcanic eruption caused a neverending winter. With most of the world's civilizations wiped out, the remaining humans live in what's left of once-great cities, waging wars against each other for limited resources. The initial response to Frostpunk 2 was positive.

    Gameplay features

    The players who had played the original Frostpunk will have no trouble getting into the sequel. The developers at 11 bit studios didn't try to reinvent the wheel with the gameplay mechanics - Frostpunk 2 is still a survival-oriented city-builder and settlement management game. The player must gather resources and build a settlement to stave off the debilitating cold and keep peace among its citizens. In Frostpunk 2, the main resource the player will be able to use is oil. Locating it and drilling will require the player to explore the inhospitable areas around their settlement and take on similarly desperate foes.

    Frostpunk 2

    Story summary

    After the 1886's volcanic eruptions, the world has become a frozen wasteland. As civilizations fell one by one, people began to understand that they might have to abandon their humanity to survive. The remnants of humanity gathered around ruthless leaders who promised them warmth and prosperity. You are one of these leaders. In the ruins of the former British capital, you have but your sanctuary - New London. Now it's time to expand, claim more land and resources. But as you're looking towards your goals, don't forget to pay attention to your city. During desperate times, people will turn to anyone who will promise them salvation, and the factions of New London will waste no time to usurp the power from you. The question is - will you reach out to them and try to make peace, or will you make an example out of those who would dare oppose your authority?

    Frostpunk 2


    The initial reception of Frostpunk 2 was very positive. The press praised the sequel's effort to take the original game's premise of survival vs. morality to a new level, as well as improve upon the general gameplay mechanics.

    Key features

    • Survive in the frozen post-apocalyptic wasteland.
    • Expand your settlement and gather resources necessary to stave off the cold.
    • Fend off the enemies at your gates.
    • Deal with the growing discontent with the city walls.

    Release Date: 2022

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