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Message to all Developers

Participate in G2A Direct and explore the amazing commercial opportunities of our Marketplace.

G2A Direct puts you front and center in a marketplace that serves over 12 million customers and allows them to pay with 150+ payment methods in more than 140 different countries.

Unique set of features

Introduce your game to new audiences and regions

Competitive commission rates

Manage your products effectively across their entire lifecycle with minimum impact on margin integrity.

Up to 10% developer fee

We offer you a world-first initiative - the option to collect a developer fee of up to 10% from all third party auctions.

Premium position on the product page

As a G2A Direct seller you are guaranteed this placement for all your SKUs in the marketplace.

Fully customizable store

Run your own fully customizable storefront. The 'Developer' panel allows you to change the appearance of your store.

Dedicated account manager

Your manager is there to help you customize your store, answer all your queries and help you maximize your visibility and sales.

Query game codes on our database

We offer 24/7 access to a query page that allows you to track game keys in our marketplace.

Your questions. Our answers.

We've answered the most frequently asked questions to help you sell more.

Will all titles be subject to the developer fee?

Only those titles from developers with choose to operate a store in our Marketplace and who satisfy the requirements of our Developer agreement can apply a developer fee to their wholly-owned games.

Where can I see a list of games that are subject to developer fees?

You can see a full list of games here: (LINK)

Sellers will be informed periodically of revisions.

Will developer support affect my fees?

Developer support will not affect your commission fees from G2A. Our fees are available at (LINK) and these fees will be covered in the terms and conditions of the auction.

Do I pay the cost of the developer fee?

The developer fee will be deducted from the amount paid by the buyer.

How do I calculate the developer fee?

The publisher can opt for a developer fee between 0%-10%, with that percentage available for you to see here: (LINK)

Alternatively, our system will calculate this for you during the auction creation process.

Will developers demand I remove my stock?

If you have acquired your stock legitimately then we will have absolutely no reason to remove any of your products from auction. Under no circumstances will we breach our privacy policy when it comes to the identities of sellers.

Will I have to compete against developers?

It is likely you already compete across the spectrum of platforms currently available to sellers globally. We think that more items and auctions in the Marketplace will bring more buyers, and therefore increase conversion rates for all sellers.

How is the developer fee calculated?

Its calculated by applying a percentage to your base price. For example, if you set a base price on an auction of eligible game at 10.00 EUR and the applicable percentage of Developer Fee is 10% the fee will amount to 1EUR.

Can a developer see my stock?

At no stage will a developer or any other seller be able to see your stock on our Marketplace. We are bound by the G2A privacy policy and at no stage will we break that policy.

Will you reveal my name to a developer?

We are bound by our own privacy policy and will strictly adhere to it.

Your questions. Our answers.

We've answered the most frequently asked questions to help you sell more.

Are all games going to have their prices increased?

No. Only games from independent developers that satisfy the criteria of the agreement. Games subject to the developer fee and the percentage of the fee can be found here: (LINK)

What are the criteria for a game to have a developer fee applied?

We tried to make it as simple as possible:

  1. the developer has to set up an ‘official store’ in the G2A Marketplace;
  2. the developer has to offer their games directly to our customers as a seller; and
  3. the developer must have sufficient stock in their account to meet any demand.
Are you strong-arming developers into working with G2A?

Absolutely not. Inviting developers to offer their games to our customers is part of our ‘open-door’ policy.

What share of my purchase is going to the developer?

If a publisher qualifies for the program and has applied a developer fee to the game you want to purchase, the specific amount going to the developer can be clearly seen in your shopping basket, as well as the name of the recipient. Games subject to the fee can also be found here: (LINK).

What is it used for?

We don’t require the game developer to specify what the developer fee is used for. We hope that it will be used to create more great games for us to enjoy!

Hasn’t the developer already sold the code?

Yes. The codes on G2A have already been purchased legitimately by the seller.

Does this mean all prices will go up for this developer?

This will be regulated by the market – final price depends on seller’s policy.

Where can I find a list of titles that are subject to the developer fee?

The list (LINK) is here. It will be updated each time a developer meets the requirements for the developer fee to be applied to auctions of titles they have created.

Can I return the code if I buy directly from a developer?

The game codes supplied by the developer are subject to the same terms and conditions as codes purchased from G2A’s other sellers and, so if any issues arise we are ready to assist with our award-winning support team.

Are there benefits of buying from the developer?

The benefit is simply showing the developers your appreciation and encouragement, and supporting the great games that are being made in all corners of the world.

What is G2A Boost?

Boost is a form of endorsement to the publisher/developer. You may think that your support is negligible, but remember that for many independent creators any support, no matter how small, helps further development or new projects!