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Edition #7

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  • Market price: 2.99 EUR


    Region: GLOBAL

    Platform: STEAM

  • Market price: 9.99 EUR

    Alien Shooter TD

    Region: GLOBAL

    Platform: STEAM

  • Market price: 5.99 EUR

    The Beggar's Ride

    Region: GLOBAL

    Platform: STEAM

  • Market price: 14.99 EUR

    Dungeon Rushers

    Region: GLOBAL

    Platform: STEAM

  • Market price: 4.99 EUR

    Western Press

    Region: GLOBAL

    Platform: STEAM

  • One-time Purchase

    Get instantly: Plantera, Alien Shooter TD , The Beggar's Ride, Dungeon Rushers, Western Press.

    38.95 EUR

    Total market price of this pack


Frequently asked questions

  • The keys come directly from developers and publishers. There are no third-party sellers involved in G2A Deal.
  • Both the monthly membership and the one-time membership will give you the same games. The monthly membership is cheaper since you get the games for a promotional price. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from this option at any time – no strings attached. The one-time membership offers more payment methods to choose from since it doesn’t require a recurring payment.
  • No, you can subscribe or purchase Deal at any time - which includes after the game titles have been announced.
  • You can check this on your account at
  • The price may change in the future, but if it does, we will definitely tell you when, how, and why.