Genesis RX22 US Layout

Item type: Brand new   Warranty: 24 months     Warehouse: EU countries + free shipping     Important: In case of returning the product, the cost of shipping the product is on the buyer's side.  ----------  GREAT QUALITY ...

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  • Brand:Genesis
Product description

Product description

Item type: Brand new   
Warranty: 24 months     
Warehouse: EU countries + free shipping     
Important: In case of returning the product, the cost of shipping the product is on the buyer's side.  

Keyboard for players Genesis RX22 is an afforable, yet extremely functional solution for gamers. It combines high performance and reliability with very reasonable price.

Thanks to the X-Scissors system using keyboard is actually silent. In addition low profile makes it practical and comfortable.

The low profile keys and ergonomic design make the keyboard looks modern. At first glance You can see that is it’s designed to play.


The device has got three modes of backlight that allow to see all keys without any problems in low light or during a night gaming session.

RX22 guarantee strength and durability. Main component of that is covered with a textile braid cable, which reinforces and provides security.

Tech specs:

  • NUMBER OF KEYS: 104 
  • KEY MECHANISM: X-Scissors 
  • PROFILE: Low 
  • CABLE LENGTH: 160 cm 
  • EXTRA FUNCTIONS: Backlight
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • USB port
  • Layout: US

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