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  • 3 80.047 ₫
  • 5 133.411 ₫
  • 10 266.822 ₫
  • 20 533.643 ₫
133.411 ₫
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Làm thế nào để kích hoạt và thanh toán bằng G2A GiftCard
1. Redeem G2A GiftCard
Log into and select "Add G2A GiftCard" from the G2A Wallet dropdown menu or visit
2. G2A GiftCard Code
Top up your G2A Wallet balance by providing your unique code from the back of your GiftCard or the email that you have received.
3. Buy on G2A.COM
Use your balance to buying anything on G2A Marketplace - thousands of digital products, games, software, prepaids and many more...
Please note that G2A GiftCards cannot be redeemed for cash.