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      All you need is 10 minutes

      We value your time – that is why we prepared a set of insightful tips and information to help you navigate the process better and earn faster! Invest just 10 minutes and learn all you need to know about the ways and means of the Goldmine.

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      G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchases made in the G2A shop using your ‘Reflinks’ or cashback codes. The information tracing your Reflinks can be easily accessed on each product page. you most likely wonder what a Reflink is, right? Let us take a look at the first set of information down here.

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      Check your reflink and start learning
      Copy Reflink
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      What makes Goldmine special?

      Forget about one-time only commissions! Each person who makes a purchase thanks to your recommendation will be permanently added to your Team. Thanks to that, every order made by that person in the future, will bring you profit. And that is just for a start up! If the person you invited, does the same with their friends you are going to get money through their shopping! Are you interested in how much you can make and why we are thinking in large scale? Check the Earning Details for more information.

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      The Invaluable helper

      Before we start talking numbers, you need to meet your new friend. Therefore, we humbly introduce you to the cookies. Our artisian dwarf programmer has mastered the Cookies technology a long time ago and he is the one who places Cookies in your reflinks and cashback codes. To illustrate this, think of a reflink as a letter sent to your friend. It is not an ordinary letter, because it contains cookies which are invisible to the untrained eye. The question is: why do we place them there? Cookies have great memory and they always remember people to whom you sent your reflinks. If someone does not make a purchase right after clicking on a reflink but does it some time later, the cookies will make sure this person is added to your Team.

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      Earn with your Team

      It is simple as pie. Each product on G2A.COM includes some information about how much you can earn by recommending it.

      If someone clicks on your reflink and after some time makes a purchase, the cookies will make sure that you receive the amount specified on the product page on the very day Person A placed the order. is thus on level 1 relation to you as he or she made the purchase directly thanks to your reflink.

      Level 1 relation means that you earn 100% of the amount specified on the product page. What is more, if the creates his/her own reflink for another person who consequently will make a purchase, will enter the Second Level relation in your group of your group, allowing you to benefit 60% of the amount stated on the product page. Similarly, if recommends a product via reflink to yet another avid gamer you will receive 40% of the amount specified on the product page since will from now on be on third level relation in your group.

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    Social media make money!

    How does it work? Think about it for a second. Let's say you have 400 friends (either in real or virtual world on such social media portals like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter) and just 5% of them regularly buy games. Those 20 people are the key ones since they can earn money for you each time they purchase a new title. But that is not all. Consider what can happen if your friends start recommending Goldmine to others. If only they invite 20 people each your commission will grow to 400 people! Does that sound good enough? That's what we call the strength of unity when everybody can benefit equally.

    Earn Money by means of Forum Discussion

    Another great method you can use, are all sort of internet message boards. Almost every game has at least one, where people share ideas and their gaming passion. Do not hesitate, make an account, take part in discussions and become a part of the community – and once you find a suitable opportunity share the information about Goldmine.

    Get richer by playing games

    We all know how much time we spent on gaming :). And WE LOVE DOING IT!! Do not look around for strangers who might feel a bit harassed if nagged by random questions. Get to know them first! Find a cool guild with many great people, befriend them, spend time together and when you feel the right moment share your Goldmine information.

    A simple way to make a serious coin let your guild leader know about Goldmine – maybe he will like it. Thanks to his help and contacts you might quickly widen the range of people you can reach. In this way, you will earn 60% of guild leader's profit. Remember that cooperation through guilds or clans will bring even more money BOTH for you and the INVITED PEOPLE. Work hard and remember - don’t be intrusive. Focus on creativity and innovative thinking! Fresh ideas will let you play your favourite game AND make money on it!

    Know a Big Fish? A pile of cash is waiting.
    The FASTER, the BETTER.
    Think for a moment if you know a:
    • Youtuber?
    • Blogger?
    • Website admin?
    • Message board moderator?
    • Streamer?
    • Website editor?
    • Someone who has a wide range of viewers?

    They are the Big Fish! Muster the courage... Level 1 relation remember? If you manage to convince such a popular person with lots of subscribers/viewers, you will earn 60% of their Goldmine income. Level 1 relation, remember Or maybe this person is your friend’s friend? Tell him or her about Goldmine and make the connection work for you. In this case you will earn 40% of what the Big Fish earns. Level 2 relation if you remember.

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    “Posting circle”

    Send links

    Each sent link gives YOU a greater chance that someone will find it. Use it, and make profit for you.

    Do it regularly

    Regularity is the key. If You've have sent a link Analyze Your statistics and draw conclusions. Check which places give You the most revenue and look for similar means to spread the word about G2A.COM in a particular month to one site, do not just leave it behind. Set a clear schedule (for example 2 hours each week). Once you set up such a regular pattern the effects will be there after as little as a month’s time.

    Keep track of your statistics

    Analyze Your statistics and draw conclusions. Check which places give You the most revenue and look for similar means to spread the word about G2A.COM

    Dos and don’ts

    Try to get into discussions. Wait for a good moment and only then share the info About G2A Goldmine.
    Do Your best to make friends with everyone. Being nice and polite will make a huge difference. Ask people about places where They buy games. If You get any info – check that site and compare prices. It is You who have (has )an ace up your sleeve) :).
    Note down all places where You posted reflinks. Go back there regularly, check if there was any feedback to Your post and answer questions.
    The first and the most important rule – DO NOT spam! The most common mistake is making an account and posting in a random section of a forum. This method will get you banned not potentially profit.
    Don't argue with people who don't like this programme. Respect Their opinion and focus on the people who share Your view and value the potential of G2A Goldmine.
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    Congratulations, you’re now fully trained.

    If You have read all the information we have provided, You know what to do in order to take part in our programme. Should you have any questions please check the FAQ below, as you will find many answers there. In case of a more detailed question feel free to send us a message, we will make all doubts disappear.

    Feel free to drop us a line with a specific questions if you still need more info

    If you still want to understand even more about GoldMine find more in FAQ bellow:
    When do I use “Invite friend” option?

    If you know a person who understands the rules and is interested in Goldmine, you should use “Invite friend” option. Thanks to that – the said person won’t have to make a purchase in order to be in your group.
    IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend not to send “Invite friend” on forums to strangers. No one likes to register at a site he never heard of. When on message boards – try to use standard reflinks.

    When do I use reflinks?

    When you are posting messages on internet forums or directly in-game – use reflink. It is recommended, because addressees don’t need to register anywhere. No one wants to see registration window right after clicking on a link. Reflink is far more delicate than “Invite a friend” option. The person who uses reflink gets a cookie file and if he/she decides to join Goldmine – he/she will be assigned to your group. If not – it’s their loss :)

    I received a reflink from a person A, made a purchase, and then I received a reflink from a person B. If a buy a product using the second reflink, will I get a bonus?

    No. You only get bonus after your first purchase using a reflink you initially received. If you buy a product using another reflink, you will not get a bonus.

    How do I get assigned to a Team and for how long?

    Every user is assigned to a Team in the moment they use a reflink or a cashback code. You are being assigned to a particular Team indefinitely.

    What is the expiry date for cookies?

    They are valid for 2 years.

    How to earn money at Goldmine?

    The key to success at Goldmine is interaction – the more people you invite to the program, and convince them to participate in it, the better. If a person A who has got a reflink from you, buys a product, you will get 100% of a the sum declared in the chart (level 1 relation). Consequently, if a person A person B using his own reflink you will still get 60% of a sum (level 2 relation). if a person B invites person C, then you get 40% of a the sum if person C places an order (level 3 relation).

    What is Goldmine?

    Goldmine is an innovative program which allows you to generate real profits for all of its users. If you are a G2A.com active customer or you have lots of friends who enjoy playing videogames, Goldmine is just what you have been waiting for! By buying videogames or convincing others to do so, you can earn real money. You can later payout the assets gathered on your account, or use them to create cashback codes with which you invite other people to participate in Goldmine. Remember – every single person that buys a product thanks to your reflink or uses your cashback code will work for your incomes and will add up to your income!

    How do I payout money at Goldmine?

    To payout money from your account, you need at least €10 earned. First, log into your account, click “Payouts”, and then click on “Pay out”. You have 3 different ways to do so – you can use Skrill, PayPal, or bank transfer. If you do not have a Euro currency account, then the amount gathered on your account will exchange to match your account currency, accordingly to the appropriate rate of exchange in your bank, and according to Goldmine statute. The rate of exchange details are set forth in the Goldmine statute. Each User is the sole responsible party for fulfilling the taxation and all other applicable laws and regulations in this regard.

    How does it work?

    At Goldmine you can earn money purchases made by people invited by you, and persons who invited other people into the program all the way to the level 3 relation you invited person A, person A invited person B, person B invited person C. You can check your Team's current structure on your account clicking “My Team”. To find out more about how to earn money effectively , please see How to earn money at Goldmine?

    I have an idea how to make Goldmine better. Can I drop you an e-mail?

    Sure! If you have an idea, feel free to write to us at goldmine@g2a.com.

    I know that my friend bought a product but I still have no money money from this transaction.

    The money should appear on your account no later than 24 hours after such a transaction is completed.

    Can other people see my activity and the money I gathered at Goldmine?

    No. You are the only person with access to the your personal data and the money you gathered on your account. Remember not to reveal your account data, especially your e-mail address and password. We do our best to ensure the safety standards are met regarding processing and storing data.

    Can I have more than one account?

    According to Goldmine statute, every user can have only one account. which can be used only personally by this person, without any other persons. The account can only be used by its rightful owner alone. No user can reveal his/her account's password to others, or share an account with other persons.

    I do not want to participate in Goldmine anymore. How can I leave it?

    Every Goldmine user is free to leave this program at any time. In order to do so, you have to contact our support via e-mail and ask to delete your account. If you have not make use of the money on your account until this moment, you are going to lose it permanently. Remember that the minimum sum needed for payout is €10. To find out more about payouts, please see How do I payout money at Goldmine?