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  • 產品說明

    《俠盜獵車手5》簡稱《GTA5》,是一款由Rockstar Games製作並發行的動作冒險游戲。游戲採用新版雷霆引擎(RAGE引擎),畫麵錶現力異常強悍。游戲故事發生在以美國洛杉磯、南加州及其周邊地區為原 型的城市洛聖都。製作單位拍攝了超過25萬張相關照片,並且研究了人口調查和汽車銷售數據,以建立游戲中的世界。

    本作中,以黑幫生活為背景的游戲元素進一部加強。相比起前作,《GTA5》加入了更加開放自由的世界,以故事驅動,以任務為準的游戲玩法得到了 淋灕儘緻的展現。衕時多人模式的優化大大提升了游戲的可玩性和挑戰性。另外,玩家在游戲中可扮演三位主角並在任意時刻進行切換,每位主角都有自己獨特的人 格與故事背景以及交織的劇情。


  • 主要功能

    GTA 5 - A game of three criminals

    Diverging from the single protagonists of the past, GTA 5 presents three different not-at-all heroes, the deranged, the broken, and the determined team up and set out to make the San Andreas state their playground.

    Meet Michael, a family man living in a luxurious mansion with his wife and children. The problem is he's bored out of his mind, he lives under witness protection, his wife cheats on him, their kids are hardly any consolation, and the only way out of the ensuing midlife crisis is going back to the only thing that made him feel alive: an intense life of crime with improbable allies.

    High five Franklin, a guy from the hood. Franklin just wants to get out of the destructive lifestyle of gangs and crime through earning a good buck as repo man and by joining Michael and a deranged psychopath on a number of heists. The youngest of the three, but not at all incompetent, Franklin will do whatever it takes to not have to do whatever it takes anymore.

    Beware of Trevor. Used to fly high in the military, now is usually just high as a kite, he's an old friend of Michael's, or so the story goes. Violent and mentally unstable he fits right in with a thief and a youth who wants out of the game. The crew's designated pilot and the guy to go to when some sniping is just what's needed for the job, Trevor is GTA V's the best guy for rampages.

    Witness their interactions in the exquisite Rockstar's storytelling.

    Fully fleshed world

    Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version boasts vastly improved graphics, supporting 4K\UHD resolutions, freely configurable settings and unlocked framerates, going to 60 frames per second and beyond. The sky is the limit, and GTA V can render it perfectly to an extent no video is fully able to reflect.

    Rockstar's stagerring attention to detail shines throughout the locations with thematic design, from loitering gangers to police sweeps to believable random clutter for every location. The player can engange in activites above and beyond the main story. If you fancy yourself a golfer, there is a suitable golf minigame you can play. If you want to see a short film, turn on your in-game TV or visit a cinema. And these are but two of a myriad things you can enjoy when you stray off the beaten path and explore possibilities hiding all around Los Santos and surrounding counties.

    Ride across Los Santos, an affectionate satire of Los Angeles, with all its quirks, faults and stereotypes that GTA V unashamedly mocks. Or leave the urban confines and travel to the neighbouring Blaine county with its deserts, forests and mountains, especially the famed landmark Mount Chiliad.

    Wherever you go, more secrets will be waiting for you to discover. The entire world is your playground.

    Play with others in GTA Online

    If the singleplayer experience isn't enough, soon after the base game's release date Rockstar added a solid and varied GTA Online mode.
    Enter Deathmatch and prove your point by superior firepower and unmatched gunplay. Races will have you riding, sailing and flying against other players to determine who's the best person for rapid getaways with any given vehicle. Or maybe grab a handful of friends and plan a robbery in a co-operative Heist mode, where your planning and leadership skills will decide on your success?
    For those, who always wanted a multiplayer sandbox version of the single player experience there always is the Free Mode supporting up to 30 players, who can go about their business or set out to wreck somebody else's in a true GTA fashion.
    So create your unique avatar, and jump into the GTA V's Online game modes, there are enough variations for anyone to pick their favourite poison.

    Capture your gameplay and create the best crime movie of all time

    Grand Theft Auto V offers its players a solid film-making toolkit, letting them control camera angles, scene transitions, and more to make even the most mundane drive-bys and city hall rampages into something worthy of history. Even more so, if you step into the Director's chair to pick and choose actors from the vast gallery of models, time of day, or weather, or even control the very laws of reality itself to escape the clutches of gravity. GTA V provides the tools to create a new summer blockbuster and offers them to players to play with.

    Transferable progress and First-Person Perspective mode

    If you played GTA V on consoles, the PC release offers you a chance to seamlessly transfer your progress to your PC and enjoy all the PC version has to offer without losing anything you have achieved elsewhere.
    Experience the enhanced graphics of GTA V PC in a First Person Perspective mode, complete with animations for anything that needs them, from steering wheel handling to using the characters' mobile phones. The FPP mode is a whole new way to experience Grand Theft Auto V.

    So buy the game now and join the crime trio's shenanigans in the single player, or make your own name heard in the multiplayer modes. Whatever you choose, GTA V is fit to support it and provide plenty of memorable moments.

    Customise your gameplay experience with mods

    GTA 5 has engine flexible enough to support a number of fan-created content, from graphic overhauls to new characters, weapons, activites and many, many more. The mods are there to make the game fresh again even after finding all the secrets and completing all the activities.

  • 最低配置要求
    • 系統配置要求:
      64 Bit OS - Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 SP 1 / Windows Vista SP 2
    • 處理器:
      2.40 GHz - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.5 GHz - AMD Phenom 9850
    • 內存:
      4 GB RAM
    • 顯卡:
      1 GB VRAM - NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT / AMD Radeon HD 4870
    • 硬盤:
      65 GB HD
    • 平台:
    • 其他:
      64 Bit OS
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