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    • Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL - 0
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    Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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    Start your dream solo war campaign or join the multiplayer to crush other nations in an unforgiving battle for domination. Play Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle to discover a realistic WWII strategy game with all DLCs ...

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      Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle is a unique set of the base video game with thirteen DLCs included. Boost your strategic experience with seven massive expansions and six sets of bonus content! It is the fourth part of the Europa Universalis spin-off strategy game series developed by Paradox Development Studio and released by Paradox Interactive in 2016. Boost your tactical fun with thrilling WW2 music packs and unique extras for your favorite gameplay! Check out this ultimate set of bonus content for HoI 4 and get it cheaper than ever before.

        Hearts of Iron IV

        It is a strategic title from creators of games like Stellaris or Crusader Kings, taking players to the interwar period and the years of World War II. Enjoy your perfect opportunity to change the course of history as you please! You can manage 233 playable nations, including several leading countries like Germany, Japan, Italy, and France. The gameplay focuses on all possible aspects of managing the country during the war, like supplying armies, making political alliances, and developing technology. Each decision can dramatically affect the course of this alternate version of history and lead to your victory! Use the perks of your nation and become a strategic god to achieve your goal. Prepare yourself for a massive dose of realism, as Hearts of Iron guarantees encounters with notable historical figures, accurate weapons, and events from the World War II battlefield.

        Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle

        Together for Victory

        Boost your strategic fun with the first big expansion pack for Hearts of Iron 4. With this DLC, you will get new focus trees and events for British colonies like New Zealand, South Africa, and India. It also introduces new autonomy systems with which you can grant the independence of your subordinate nation or make them puppets for your use. Commonwealth countries can also exchange technologies to achieve the desired level. And in the case of a critical situation on the battlefield, you can ask your ally for help in the form of additional supplies.

        Death or Dishonor

        Decide the side for Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Czechoslovakia. These seemingly small nations can now possess enormous power by allying with one of the victorious sides or joining the Allies. To achieve the chosen goal, use new focus trees. The add-on also introduces a new type of puppet state for fascist nations - the Reichskommissariat. What's more, as part of the alliance, countries can exchange licenses for the production of weapons and vehicles, which significantly affect the situation on the world map.

        Waking the Tiger

        Venture east to uncover the details of the conflict between China and Japan. This third expansion pack for Hearts of Iron IV introduces new content to transform history. See focus trees for China, Japan, and Germany, with which you will lead these countries to an even greater power or completely change their political attitudes! Create the Kingdom of China or get rid of Hitler. Try each scenario and see how easy it is to influence a new story. This expansion also introduces new models for army management, decision-making, and military units. Now you can become a player on a global scale!

        Man the Guns

        Thirsty for epic naval combat? In Man the Guns, you'll gain access to even better ship designs, new admiral skills, and creative navy routes across the map. Now you can truly personalize your fleet and adapt it to current needs. The title also introduces alternate versions of the United States and Great Britain to make your dreams of changing the course of history come true. Among the new features, you will also find focus trees for Mexico or the Netherlands, all enriched with a fantastic soundtrack composed especially for this expansion.

        Axis Armor Pack

        Get your mighty bundle of armored models and machines for the Axis powers. This bundle includes 53 new armor models: 19 for the Germans, 12 for the Italians, and 22 for the Japanese. All countries will receive historically accurate units adapted to your needs and map requirements. Among them, you will find legendary German tanks, armored vehicles, and effective anti-aircraft warfare to prevent the hostile intentions of your enemies.

        Radio Pack

        Make hundreds of hours of satisfying gameplay even better! This expansion pack is brand-new WW2 music for inspiration and fun as you plan your war strategies. The set includes three radio stations for the Comintern, the Axis, and the Allies, where everyone will find something perfect for themselves. Stay focused with serious German tunes, or boost your immersion with lazy Allied jazz!

        Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle

        La Resistance

        It is the fifth expansion in Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle, introducing entirely new content for Western European countries. There is no World War II without France! Get access to the focus trees for France, Spain, and Portugal. This DLC is a real treat for those who prefer to stay in the shade. Now you can train spies and agents to effectively support every action on the frontline and the enemy's side. La Resistance is the perfect spy gameplay for fetching information!

        Allied Armor Pack

        Get your cosmetic set of new tank models for the Allied forces. In this unique pack, you will receive 32 unit models for greater realism on the battlefield: 7 British, 13 Soviet, 17 American, 8 French, and 8 for each dominant force. Grow your army with these classic tanks, artillery, and anti-aircraft models to surprise your enemies.

        Allied Speeches Music Pack

        What would history be without great people? There is no point in entering the battlefield without proper stimulation. And during World War II, the orations of Churchill and Roosevelt determined the growing will to fight. Get access to over 70 minutes of legendary speeches of extraordinary people to hear iconic quotes and assume the role of a mighty leader.

        Battle for the Bosporus

        Venture to the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea to lead one of their countries to power. Discover new national goals for Turkey, Greece, and Bulgaria and decide their fate during the total global conflict. Restore the Ottoman Empire, choose your side, use the unique features of each of these countries and surprise everyone with your unexpected strategy. This bundle also includes classic unit models for the Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian armies with matching music in the background.

        Eastern Front Plane Pack

        Enrich your collection of airplanes with fifty machines for Eastern European countries! In this anniversary Eastern Front Planes Pack from Paradox, you will receive a cosmetic bundle of classic WWII machines like strategic bombers and unbeatable Eastern front fighters. The set includes 8 Polish planes, 13 Soviet, 20 German, 5 Hungarian, 4 Yugoslav, and 4 Romanian.

        Eastern Front Music Pack

        Awaken your inner strategy genius with another musical set for realistic gameplay. Witness the action unfold on the battlefield with classic Eastern European themes to feel motivated like never before! This inspiring pack includes thirteen legendary German, Polish, Romanian and Soviet songs that will make you feel like you are really there.

        Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle

        Get access to all these expansions and packs to take the entire gameplay to a new level of fun. Buy all DLCs for less in one bundle with the Hearts of Iron IV game to enjoy additional content with just one purchase. If you are looking for a strategic wargame simulation with the best units, map, and immersive details - Hearts of Iron IV Ultimate Bundle will meet your expectations.

        Key features:

        • Get your Hearts of Iron IV game with all the extras included
        • Discover new focus trees and change the history
        • Enjoy the accurate World War II models of vehicles and weapons
        • Choose your nation and lead it to military and political power
        • Play solo or in multiplayer

        Release Date: 2016-06-06

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Bundle (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
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