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      • Icarus is a PvE survival game developed by RocketWerkz. The game is set on the titular Icarus - a hazardous planet that serves as the game's PvE arena. There, the player will encounter hostile fauna and toxic atmosphere while trying to mine the world for its resources. Enjoy Icarus' unique mechanics in addition to the classic open-world survival gameplay.

        Explore Icarus - a broken paradise

        Icarus is the world that was meant to replace Earth as humankind's primary habitat. The plans to terraform the planet fell through, and now only brave volunteers dare to descend to the surface from the orbital station roaming around the planet. These prospectors' goals are simple - mine the world for its riches. And Icarus has goods to spare, hidden in the vast region with different biomes. However, the future miners should beware, as Icarus will pull no punches trying finish the player off - either with its toxic atmosphere, unpredictable extreme weather conditions, or dangerous fauna.


        Race against the clock in a unique time-based mechanic

        The key feature of Icarus is the limited time the player is allowed to spend on the surface of the planet. After being dropped from the orbital station, the player is given a timeframe - be it hours, days, and even weeks - within which they have to return to the extraction point. During that time, the player has a free reign of gathering resources and expanding their character's skill set. However, the players should be mindful of the ticking clock. Missing the extraction deadline will leave the player stranded in a toxic, hostile world, and all the resources and acquired skills will be lost.

        Become the master of the tech trees

        During the time spent mining for Icarus' resources, the player will be able to upgrade their character's skills. These are divided into three tech trees. They are planetary tech, player talents, and orbital workshop. Each provides the player with different perks - a chance to develop better technology from resources, increased personal skills of the player, etc. Choosing which skills to develop and what tech to research on the orbital station will define the players' success rate during the missions on the planet's surface.


        Create an outpost to serve as your field base on Icarus

        Last but not the least of Icarus' features is the outpost. It's the player's base of operations on the planet that also serves as a social hub for interacting with other players. The player can build new facilities and expand their outpost, creating a settlement around it. What's more, the outpost is the only place where the player's time isn't limited.

        Key features

        • Descend on the dangerous surface of Icarus and begin your prospecting mission.
        • Face the toxic atmosphere and dangerous wildlife while trying to mine the world for its resources.
        • Increase your chances of survival by investing in skills located on three tech trees.
        • Build and expand your outpost and invite other players to hang out.
        • Be mindful of the ticking clock, each minute narrowing the extraction window.

        Release Date: 2021-12-03

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for ICARUS (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for ICARUS (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
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