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KLIM Mac Rotating Stand - Fights Overheating - Adjustable Height - Slick Design - High Quality Aluminum

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    Product description

    Product description

    The KLIM Rotation is a high quality Macbook stand, using only 1 aluminum piece. The inclination angle is based on scientific research helping prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. KLIM Rotation is compatible with every single computer brands, which includes : ACER, APPLE , ASUS, DELL, HP, LENOVO, MSI, PACKARD-BELL, SAMSUNG, SONY, TOSHIBA

    Beautiful stand, made up of only 2 high quality aluminum pieces. The aluminum acts as a heat sink to immediatly cool down your laptop.

    Extremely solid, can stand a weight up to 25kg. 360° rotation possible.

    Harmonious with the Apple aesthetic, will look great with a Mac of 15” or less. Perfect for the entire Apple catalogue, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

    5 different heights available for maximum comfort. The angle is designed to optimized your typing speed and protect your wrists from strain.

    KLIM warranty valid for 5 years. Our customer support answers within 24 hours. We will do anything to solve any issue you may encounter.

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