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KLIM Pro - The Laptop Cooler for Professionals - Laptop PC Support - 10” to 15,6” - Extra USB port

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    Product description

    Product description

    KLIM Pro is a laptop cooler designed for professionals. Laptops are very sensitive to heat, which can hinder the performance of their components. Overheating causes computer slowness, performance reduction and blue screens. Thanks to the KLIM Pro, you can mitigate overheating risks in order to lengthen significantly the lifespan of your laptop.

    AN INVESTMENT. This cooler is an investment => no overheating components => maximises the lifespan of your PC and boosts its performance. ✔BONUS :Receive a free copy of the eBook: “7 tips to keep your computer alive longer and maximise its performance” by email after your purchase.

    FOR PROFESSIONNALS. KLIM is the number 1 in the PC cooler industry in Europe. We wanted to make this model perfect for professionals. And we’ve endeavoured to make a perfect model for professionals.

    POWERFUL + PRACTICAL. Boasting 2 140mm fans running at 1200RPM, the KLIM Pro is extremely powerful for its size. They’re also surprisingly silent at only 26dB. You won’t even hear them! It’s equipped with a second USB port to avoid losing one when you plug it in. It also comes with an anti-slippage system.

    EASY TO CARRY. The KLIM Pro weighs in at a mere 550g making it one of the most lightweight coolers for its size, it is completely flat making it ideal for transport in a backpack or a briefcase.

    DURABLE AND WARRANTY. The KLIM Pro is lightweight but robust. We are completely confident in our products and offer a 5 year warranty on this model. It’s a completely risk free purchase for you. Comes with English language customer service and a 1 working day response time.

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