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    • Life is Strange Remastered Collection (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL - 0
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      Life is Strange Remastered Collection (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Life Is Strange Remastered Collection is an amazing, award-winning video game set developed by Deck Nine and released thanks to Square Enix in 2022. Discover the heartwarming stories of two female protagonists and experience unique story-rich gameplay where choice matters. And all of this with even better visuals significantly improved facial animations and polished puzzles! Life Is Strange Remastered Collection is a real treat for fans of the series and players who are just embarking on their adventure with this title.

        Life is Strange Remastered

        What's in Life Is Strange Remastered Collection?

        It is a compilation of the first two video games from the Life is Strange series - in a better, remastered version! One of them reveals the story of Max Caulfield, a girl endowed with extraordinary supernatural abilities. The second is a prequel telling the story of Chloe Price, with action set before the events known from the previous game.

        Life is Strange

        After many years, Max Caulfield returns to her hometown - Arcadia Bay. In this peaceful place, she refreshes old friendships and discovers what has changed during her absence. In love with photography, the female protagonist explores the city and learns an unusual supernatural talent. After some time, it turns out that nothing is as it seems. The female protagonist renews her relationship with her childhood friend and becomes entangled in a web of intrigue, secrets, and strange events. By influencing the unfolding events, the girls discover the fate of all the citizens may depend on their decisions.

        The gameplay in Life Is Strange is presented in a third-person perspective and consists mainly of exploring and solving puzzles. It's a beautiful, engaging story that grips the player from the very first moment. However, its most vital element is making decisions that determine the development of events. Thanks to supernatural skills, you can correct your actions in this game. However, it is worth remembering every smallest move can have a huge impact on the course of the whole story. By making decisions, the player can not only develop a story but also establish relationships with the people of Arcadia Bay.

        Life is Strange Remastered

        Life is Strange: Before the Storm

        It is a prequel to Life is Strange, telling the story of Chloe Price. In this installation, you will discover the details of her relationship with Rachel Amber and the nature of the friendship between the two female protagonists.

        The gameplay in Life is Strange: Before the Storm also takes place in a third-person perspective and is focused on making decisions. The only difference in this comparison is the permanent effect of the choices made - without the option of going back in time. Each decision has massive consequences and can drastically change the course of events. Chloe, however, is a clever girl, blessed with a sharp tongue. Therefore, she has a natural talent for influencing other people and forcing them to change their minds. What is more, satisfaction flowing from the gameplay is complemented by a vibrant visual setting and a wonderful soundtrack.

        Key Features

        • Play the remastered version of the first two games in the legendary Life is Strange series
        • See improved graphics and even better character animations
        • Explore, solve puzzles and discover the secrets of your loved ones
        • Make decisions and witness their consequences
        • Immerse yourself in a unique, touching story of friendship and changes

        Release Date: 2022-02-01

      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 16

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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