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Product description

Product description

Minecraft is a sandbox indie game, created by Markus “Notch” Persson. The game is mainly about breaking and placing blocks. Players used to build structures to defend themselves from nocturnal creatures. However, now they cooperate to build incredible things. Explore the vast world in search of unique materials, use Minecraft tools and items in order to build magnificent structures from scratch. As the community grew, the game was developed and now players can battle vile creatures in the Nether or visit the land of mushrooms. Sounds interesting?

Key features

  • Creative – the gameplay focuses on building great structures. You have an access to unlimited resources and ability to fly. There are no survival elements.

  • Survival – you need to gather resources, craft tools, weapons and other items. Beware of the monsters that will try to kill you – in case of death, you respawn without your resources and equipment. In order to survive, you need to prevent hunger and trade with locals.

  • Hardcore – The gameplay is the same as in the Survival mode, but it is much more difficult. What is more, if you die, you don’t respawn and your character is deleted. Adventure – your ability to break and place blocks is limited, but you can use levers, buttons and other devices prepared by the developers.

  • Spectator – this mode was prepared to observe the world. You can move to every place you want, fly through the blocks and watch the world from animal perspective. You cannot interact with the environment and players can’t see you.




Age restrictions and rating

Age restrictions and rating


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