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    • Need For Speed Payback (PC) - EA App Key - GLOBAL - 0
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      • Need for Speed: Payback is a spectacular blend of classic Need for Speed gameplay and cinematic storytelling set in the arid deserts of America. Participate in the gripping story of revenge, race the hottest cars, smash your opponents. Prove to everyone that The house doesn't always win.


        Full singleplayer story mode

        Need for Speed: Payback’s storyline features three young drivers with a bone to pick with a gambling cartel called The House. Each of them has different reasons to take the cartel down, but often their ways cross and they work together to achieve what no one person could.Tyler is a rising star of street racing, feeling right at home at high-speed chases. Mac is a showboat with a penchant for extreme driving. Finally Jess is a professional driver, cool under pressure and more reliable than the other two.

        High-speed chases and heists

        Drift, drag and street racing aren't the only thing waiting for you in NFS: Payback. The action movie-like storyline will take you on fast and brutal chases behind trucks carrying rare cars and more.Take down enemy cars with high-speed tackles, make them veer wildly off the road or flip and crash altogether. Take your car close to the runaway cars to have your teammate take them over or scout for goods in the trailer.Payback mixes dynamic races, scripted events and cutscenes to provide an excellent and gripping experience comparable.


        Extensive customisation

        NFS: Payback takes hints from the greatest predecessors and provides the player with a huge selection of performance and visual customisation options fit to satisfy even the most demanding veterans of the franchise.Among the most essential features you get a detailed control over your car's Stance, with several separate settings for each section of the suspension system.You also get a significant library and flexibility in terms of visual upgrades, which let you make your ride look just the way you want it to look.

        Several car classes

        There is no single perfect care for every road and task. Payback divides them into five types specialised for purpose. Race cars are perfect for high-speed cornering and achieving the best speeds on tarmac. Off-road cars have outstanding durability and are great at handling loose surfaces. Drag-optimised cars leave everyone in the dust while driving in a straight line, and have extra-efficient nitros. Drift cars aren't so great in terms of speed speed, but taking corners sideways is a breeze. Finally the Runners are slick, fast cars perfect for hiding from the police and losing them in traffic.


        Open world

        NFS: Payback (PC) doesn't just take from race to race. You can travel a large open world with several distinct environments. The lights of the casino town of Fortune Valley will shock your eyes with colors, mountains will make for switchbacks and perilous drops, you can travel through and along the edge of canyons. And the desert connects them all. Where will your eyes take you first?

        Key features:

        Need for Speed: Payback (PC) takes the gameplay you know and love, adds to it a cinematic storyline, and presents in a system-rich environment for you to tweak and play around with. Team up with Tyler, Jess, and Mac to take down a gambling cartel known as The House.

        Need for Speed: Payback

        • Three protagonists - each of the three protagonists has different talents and preferences, and each is better for a different kind of race
        • Exciting car chases - steal rare cars and other valuables from The House during exciting setpieces straight out of action movies
        • Open world - travel across the desert to reach a neon-lit city of gambling, deep canyons, or steep mountains
        • Deep and wide customisation - control your car's performance and appearance to a degree never before seen in the franchise
        • Full day/night cycle - experience the Fortune Valley in all possible lighting conditions thanks to dynamics full day/night cycle

        Release Date: 2017-11-10

      • German
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 12

        Content descriptors:

        Bad Language
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