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Nemesis Gra Planszowa PL

  • Language: Polish
  • Players: 1 - 5
  • Age Level: 12+
  • Play time: 2h to 3h

You suddenly wake up from hibernation. As you slowly regain awareness and control of your own body, you remember that you are on the "Nemesis" spacecraft. You travel to Earth from the mining planet Dantis located in the ...

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  • Min. Number of Players:1
  • Age Level:12+
  • Game Type:Strategy, Adventure
  • Max. Number of Players:5
  • Mechanics:Combat, Miniatures, Secret Identity, Storytelling
  • Theme:Sci-Fi, Horror
  • Type of player:For geeks, For one player, For expert players, For gamers
  • Language:Polish
  • Play time:2h to 3h
Product description

Product description

You suddenly wake up from hibernation. As you slowly regain awareness and control of your own body, you remember that you are on the "Nemesis" spacecraft. You travel to Earth from the mining planet Dantis located in the Trappist-1 planetary system. Surprised and concerned, you realize that the computer woke you up in safe mode just before the last hyperspace towards Earth. Concerned about the condition of the ship and crew, you request more information from the on-board computer. You've been waiting far too long for an answer, but eventually the data starts coming in. You don't know anything about the ship, and the condition of the entire crew seems fine ... all but one person. Your heart immediately leaps to your throat ...

Nemesis is a survival horror adventure game for 1 to 5 players. Players take on the role of members of the crew of the space transport "Nemesis", which, after completing its mission, took a return course to Earth.

Suddenly something happened that would permanently change the fate of this mission - the ship's computer triggered emergency procedures: it stopped "Nemesis" and restored consciousness to the crew.

Still intoxicated by waking up too quickly, you are trying to find out what caused the alarm. You check the crew status and find out that one of the crew's biographers is not sending any signal. You check the condition of the ship and discover that in addition to the damaged engines, you will also have to manually set your destination. And that's not the last of your worries ...

... because there are Intruders on board.

As long as the fallback procedure is active, you can forget about going home.

Nemesis is a cooperative game whose main themes are bluff, betrayal and what every fan of the survival horror genre loves - an adventure full of dangerous encounters and difficult decisions.

Box contents:

    • 6 character figures (Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Scout, Soldier, Mechanic)
    • 6 larvae figures
    • 3 crawler figures
    • 8 adult figures (4 different kinds)
    • 2 figurines of stud dogs
    • 1 queen figurine
    • 5 plastic coasters (backpacks)
    • 6 colored discs
    • 1 double-sided board with the ship's map
    • 6 character boards
    • 11 “1” room tiles
    • The 9 “2” room tiles
    • 1 colony of intruders
    • 1 scanner
    • 1 intruder board
    • 2 d6 combat dice
    • 2 d10 murmur dice
    • 2 cards with description of rooms
    • 18 status markers
    • 30 noise markers
    • 12 door tokens
    • 4 escape capsules
    • 20 exploration tokens
    • 1 blue crew member token
    • 5 red body tokens for crew members
    • 8 Intruder Egg tokens
    • 27 intruder tokens (8 larvae, 12 adults, 3 creepers, 2 stud dogs, 1 queen, 1 empty token)
    • 8 intruder corpse tokens
    • 50 ammo / damage tokens
    • 8 fire markers
    • 8 failure markers
    • 6 engine tokens (3 working, 3 damaged)
    • 2 "5 damage" tokens
    • 1 airlock marker
    • 1 first player token
    • 60 action cards (10 per character)
    • 18 objective cards (9 personal and 9 corporate)
    • 27 Contamination cards
    • 20 Intruder Attack Cards
    • 16 Serious Wound cards
    • 20 event cards
    • 5 help cards
    • 8 intruder weakness cards
    • 8 coordinate cards
    • 30 green (medical) item cards
    • 30 yellow (technical) item cards
    • 30 red (military) item cards
    • 12 blue craft cards
    • 6 character starting item cards (weapons)
    • 12 character item cards
    • 6 character selection cards
    • 7 'Solo / Koop' Objective Cards
    • 10 player action cards (intruder)
    • 1 cardboard stand for the box

    Additional information:

    Author: Adam Kwapiński

    Publisher: Rebel, Awaken Realms

    Illustrations: Piotr Foksowicz, Ewa Labak, Patryk Jędraszek, Paweł Samborski, Piotr Gacek, Andrzej Półtoranos

    Edition:  Polish

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