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    Off the clock, she's a gamer, a fan of all things nerdy, a proud cat mom, and someone who's totally into popular culture. Her cat mug and Halloween decoration collections are pretty impressive, and she's got Skyrim on all possible platforms because, well, why not? When it comes to her job, she's been slinging words as a copywriter for more than a decade, and she's got a knack for gaming content.

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      Like many young ladies her age, she enjoys gardening, walking in the rain, ditching her master's degree to play Morrowind, and petting stray cats. Broken-hearted after losing the greatest MMO Wildstar, Bonbon still holds out hope for its future resurrection. After a year in Africa, she returned to Poland to work in the food industry like her imaginary friend, Gordon Ramsay. That, however, was not as fun as watching his TV adventures and writing about games.

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      Kyle Reno

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        This guy loves jetfighters, airsoft, outdoor hikes in pretty obscure places, anything that makes him feel like he’s some kinda 90s action hero he’s obviously not. Gaming-wise, he’s into all sorts of stuff, especially shooters and action-adventure games. Recently, he got into the racing genre of all things.

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        Maciej Niemczyk

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          No description specified

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            A bearded introvert with a strong affection for tranquility. A self-taught artist, and a passionate gamer, who keeps up with the latest tech and gaming news. Loves all kinds of music, from classical and jazz to electronic and heavy metal. A casual enjoyer of Japanese culture and artistic beauty in all shapes and forms. Prefers cats, but holds all animals in high regard.

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            Milton Cheeka

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              Translator by trade, copywriter by chance, and a self-proclaimed guerilla of language in his spare time. Loves words and sentences (rumor has it that it’s more of a love-hate relationship). Eats puns for breakfast and allocates alleviating alliterations in terribly translated texts. Used to dawdle away countless hours on classic FPSes, so he knows a thing about gaming. Would kill for a self-filling glass of porter or stout.

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                I am an avid enthusiast of first-person shooter games, with a particular passion for the legendary Quake series.

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                Playing games one turn at a time.