G2A, which has recently begun to include board games and role-playing games in its offer decided to partner up with board game publisher Go On Board – the distributor of Łukasz Woźniak’s new game Titans and co-owner of Polish crowdfunding service zagramw.to. The result of this cooperation is an expansion that wasn’t included in either of the crowdfunding campaigns.

How is it going to work?

Titans was founded in two steps: the first took place on zagramw.to, which unlocked the first set of benefits, and then the creators went on Kickstarter where a lot of additional content was funded. Overall thanks to both campaigns everyone who buys the game can expect more cards, more maps and missions, as well as higher quality of all pieces, such as a linen finish of the cards. Thanks to crowdfunding the game is going to look amazing and will provide many hours of playtime…

and thanks to the partnership with G2A the already incredibly promising strategy game is going to feature yet another expansion, one that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. It’s called Banner of Glory and everyone who bought the game through zagramw.to, Kickstarter or late-pledged on gamefound.com will get it for free with the rest of their pledge rewards. When Titans become widely available for purchase, however, the Banner… is only going to be available on G2A with the purchase of the full game.

Cooperating with G2A on Titans is very smooth, because they trust out ideas and oversight of the project, but they also care about having a real influence on the game. This is why we’re doing something more than just a sales campaign, or a promotional partnership: we dealing with an entire exclusive expansion. It’s very rare for crowdfunding backers to receive extra content ‘unlocked’ well after the campaign has concluded, but this is what’s happening here. Banner of Glory was one of the ideas that popped up during development, and this was a great opportunity to implement it.’ says about the partnerships Titans’ designer Łukasz Woźniak, who’s also known for King & Assassins and Valhalla.

What is Titans

Titans is a strategy game taking place in Europe of the 17th century, a time of many wars, and therefore also many changes to the political map of the Old World. The players take control of one of four factions: the Kingdom of Sweden, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, The Ottoman Empire, and the Tsardom of Russia. There’s also the fifth faction: the Holy Roman Empire, included in the largest editions of the game. The eponymous Titans are colossal emanation of the Spirit of a given nation, a massive unit with a miniature towering over any other element on the board and featuring unique, distinctive designs. They take an active part in the battles, so they aren’t just for show, either.

Cards and units

Titans is a mix of a card and a board game: there are several types of cards that decide what you can do and accomplish on your turn, but there is also plenty of unit miniatures to push around the board. Dice rolls are also an integral part of the experience.

Among the cards perhaps the most important are Order Cards, which involve recruitment and movement of armies, as well as rousing the national spirit in the time of dire need. Each new turn when you draw an Order is an opportunity to turn the tide of the game…

…provided the inevitable combat goes well, which is dependent on several factors. The first are the special dice representing the power of units engaged in battle. The other are Nation Cards and Support Cards which can really mess with your enemy’s plans, especially when synergies and combos are discovered. Titans is a great marriage of strategy, tactics, and a bit of randomness which makes clashes even more tense.

The number of players

Titans don’t require a set number of players. Of course, the game becomes more interesting when all four nations have their players, but it’s very playable solo or with just one other player thanks to dedicated rules. And if somebody got one of the more robust editions, there’s also the fifth faction, to make it a little bit more crowded around the table.

Alea iacta est

The cooperation between G2A and Go On Board is consistent with G2A’s plan to be a place where every fan of gaming, both electronic and tabletop, can find something interesting. Even now the platform holds many board games and RPGs, and the catalog is still expanding.