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Devil My Cry 5 Xbox One PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3, X360 , 3DS

Top 10 Most Iconic Weapons in Video Games

There are many mundane, run-of-the-mill weapons across the video games, but they are usually forgettable chunks of polygons throwing numbers…

8 hours ago
Borderlands 3 - game PC, PS4, XO, PS3 , X360

A Must-Play Great Action Games for PC

Nothing gets the blood flowing like blowing up enemies’ brains with a laser shotgun, slashing them to pieces with a…

1 day ago
best-video=game-series PC, PS4, XO, NS, VR, PS3 , X360

The Best Video Game Series of All Time

Although stand-alone games can be great, phenomenal even, it is more likely that you’re going to spend a lot of…

4 days ago
blood and wine PC, PS4, XO, NS, VR, PS3 , X360

The Best Video Game DLCs of All Time

Sometimes the base game is so good that players demand more of it. Developers have no other choice than deliver…

5 days ago
Divinity 2 cover in flames PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3 , X360

The Best Turn-Based RPG’s

Some of the highest praised video games in history have been turn-based role-playing games. The genre has its loyal fans…

1 week ago
Its TIME TO SPLIT! | Sergeant Cortez, Timesplitters: Future Perfect
Sergeant Cortez, Timesplitters: Future Perfect